Robert and Levon

Armenia’s second President Robert Kocharian is a big fan of  safaris. Here he is proudly posing on a killed lion. Years of observing Kocharian have taught me one thing – he never does anything without a purpose. The fact he has posed on a lion means he wanted to let everyone know he is the lion killing kind.

Coincidentally, the animal’s name is synonymous to the name of Kocharian’s bitter political rival, Armenia’s first President Levon Ter-Petrossian. In a recent display of distaste for each other, Kocharian told an allegoric story about his African safaris, directing pro-Ter-Petrossian media to finding and publicising this very photo, which made a headline story on “Haykakan Zhamanak” today.

P.S. Someone I know said: killing big animals doesn’t require much skill, it’s not hunting… I have to agree – it requires cruelty and that’s what Kocharian has in excess.


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  1. It’s worth to mention that this man would “hunt” deer by shooting at them with a machine gun from a helicopter.

  2. I think his behavour is closly related to Machiavelli’s Prince.
    By the way Dodi Gago is a lion lover. Loin is his coat of arms. So either Kocharyan’s calculations were not good or he has sent a hint to Gago.

  3. No hint. It is customary among the trophy hunters to pose and pull the heads of the animal they have killed. Kocharian had enough money to buy the right to kill a lion.

  4. Disgusting and most cruel! The way persons treat other animals, the environment and nature is indicative of their inner souls. This vile individual who kills a lion for fun and rides the dead corpse with pride will not hesitate to kill a human being and hang the corpse on his living room wall as trophy.

  5. Interesting, thanks. Were from they got money for this hunting, from own business or …

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  7. a good example of stupid and funny levonakan speculations )))

    but you flattered levon ter-petrosyan with your comparizon. LTP is rather a single-eyed camel than а big dead cat..

    • It was actually some of your, as you called, funny and stupid, friends who were very excited about Robik sending a message.

      • You can know nothing about who are my friends, so put your false evidences & pulp rhetoric back into… where you took them from.

        Talk things which you may actually have a notion about. Maybe… what about hidden worshippers of Single-eyed?

  8. stupid and cruel…trying to be like Putin, but again confusing things…

  9. LTP is not much better! I do not understand all this, fist where they get all this money? and secound lion is in coat of arms of RA.

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  11. I dont think there was a specific purpose. If you look at other lion pictures you can see that all of them are taken in the same way. I think it is the idea of the photographer that how to photograph each type of animal.
    The website says that all the photos in the park are taken and owned by the company. And that photos can be used as the company pleases.

    • Hmm..methinks the cat is already out of the bag and the barn doors are being closed after the zebras have escaped…;) For extra “sport,” let’s not forget to mention son Sedrak’s courageous emulation of his father:

      Sure, it’s not illegal, but it’s a very expensive hobby, paid for by ________.

  12. It is too bad to kill even animals, but people are not animals!

  13. does this count as Sedrak Kocharian’s military service that he avoided in Armenia?

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