The ‘Silenced’ Emergency in Major Chemical Waste Disposal Site

Chemical Waste Lying About Under Open Skies Near Erebuni District of Yerevan

Unidentified wrongdoers used heavy machinery to dig out toxic materials in a Chemical Waste Disposal site a couple of months ago.The objective of diggers is unknown, possibly an attempt to start some construction. The result however is clearly the creation of an unprecedented environmental emergency at a site holding 500 tons of toxic waste and possibly affecting thousands in Yerevan’s Erebuni neighborhood and nearby villages.

Worse yet is the fact, that the relevant bodies at the Ministry of Environmental protection knew about this two months ago, but demonstrated criminal inaction, failing to prevent exposed toxins from spreading and infiltrating a large area underlying green pastures, underground reservoirs  and irrigation water channels for nearby villages.

The Government finally decided to act today, allocating 31.6 million AMD for covering the site and restoring the protective fence, only after days of whistle-blowing by environmentalists.

Characteristically, while a number of highly critical media publications appeared in the relatively free press, government controlled broadcast media kept the guilty silence of an accomplice. Nobody in my building in Erebuni district has a clue, that they’re so dangerously close to exposed toxins. Nor do the villagers, who send their animals to chew in on toxic grass, later to take their toxic food produces to Yerevan supermarkets. Toxic milk, meat, yogurt… you name it!

This ought to have turned into a major scandal, with heads rolling and ministers stepping down. Instead, all we get is a low-key announcement during the government session and a continuous silencing of influential broadcast media.

PS: I’m looking for a rented apartment preferably on the opposite side of Yerevan.