Uncertified carousel breaks injuring 4 in Victory park

"Taifun" carousel that broke injuring 4 in Victory park on May 9

A hand-made, uncertified carousel broke injuring 4 in Yerevan’s largest child attraction park as the nation flocked to the parks celebrating May 9th, the Victory and Peace day.

Luckily lives were spared. Two children were soon let out from the hospital. Two of the more seriously injured, the 13-year-old Menua Vardanian and his adult sister, Marine Vardanian, are still in the hospital, but their condition is rapidly improving.

Meanwhile, the authorities blame the park’s administration for launching the attraction without proper approval and operating it without due inspection, and the park’s administration deny the charges. Speaking to RFE/RL Toros Umrikian, director of “Happy Passtime” company, blames the ‘accident’ and ‘metal’ used in construction of the carousel.

“We do all we can. This is a means of transportation, and you know, that accidents happen,” he told in an attempt to justify their criminal carelessness. “We have safety belts and all the necessary means to avoid such accidents. This is iron, this is metal, things like that are possible. We just need to find out, is this misunderstanding to be blamed on metal, or what else could have happened?”

Meanwhile, Marine Vardanian says she doesn’t know “who to blame”, for what doctors said is multiple injuries inflicted upon her and her little brother, when all they wanted to do on that festive Victory day, was to have some fun in an environment, which is supposed to be safe…

That’s what I call a wide and loud call to potential tourists to avoid this country and its attraction sites.


5 thoughts on “Uncertified carousel breaks injuring 4 in Victory park

  1. Fortunately, this time there were no immediate deaths and hopefully the victims will recover fully (doubtful but possible).

    The attitude towards safety (their own and the others) is very lax among the people. That’s why you see rickety carousels, buses or minivans stuffed with people, not using seat belts, unhygienic food (shops, street vendors or restaurants) and such.

    There is a lot of work that needs to be done but if the consumers do not demand it, nothing will happen.

    • My head explodes when I think of this incident – this park is my son’s favorite place in Yerevan…

      • I know. It’s one of my most favorite parks as well. of course, I have avoided using unsafe devices like this ferris wheel, marshrutkas, etc. but sometimes you have no choice.

  2. BTW, it apparently is a locally made copy of a Chinese design. When you think that nothing can get worse than a Chinese product, you discover it in places like this.
    –«Կոնստրուկտոր-ինժեները այլ երկրի արտադրանքի հիման վրա կառուցել է: Չինական օրինակի վրա: Շահագործման է հանձնվել այս տարվա մայիսին»,- ասաց Ումրիկյանը

  3. “This is a means of transportation”
    I didnt know that but there is a point it takes you from point A to B and then back :)
    The guy is as ingenious as his carousel.
    This careless attitude is the reason for such accidents.

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