Orphans of the Armenian Genocide

By the end of WWI over 150,000 Armenian children were left parentless as a direct result of the Armenian Genocide perpetrated by the Ottoman Authorities. Near East Relief commissioned by the US Congress catered to
over 132,000 Armenian orphans alone.

Orphans of the Genocide is a short film produced by the Armenoid Team. This short documentary includes a feature interview by Maurice Missak Kelechian, whose findings unveiled the secrets of an orphanage in Antoura near Beirut, Lebanon where 1,000 Armenian Genocide Orphans were being
turkified. Mr. Keleshian’s research prompted an article by award winning journalist Robert Fisk of The Independent magazine.

Above is a 7-minute trailer to the 18 minute documentary. A press release came to my mailbox today, and I was deeply touched and saddened… just thought to share it with you all out there…


1 thought on “Orphans of the Armenian Genocide

  1. Very powerful. I wonder where the entire short film can be seen? I pray many see this – Armenians, Turks and all others. However, it seems the Turkish deniers will never soften unless they can be taken there by time travel to see and expetrience the horrors of the Armenian genocide.

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