Google Launches Translation in Armenian

Armenian Observer blog's English frontpage translated into Armenian via Google Translate. See it in action here.

Google Translate launched Armenian language support on Thursday. The service is available in ALPHA, which means the quality of translation is far from perfect and is presented by Google as work in progress.

Front page of RFE/RL's Armenian language website translated into English via Google Translate. Click to enlarge, or see it in action here.

However, introduction of such a service is a major development for any language. In case of Armenian, the service is especially valuable, as it will make Armenian language content accessible for our large Diaspora in many countries, such as the U.S., where younger generations of Armenians often have very basic Armenian language skills. Its worth noting, that a similar translation service already exists in Armenia, its available at, but it doesn’t do on-the-fly translation of whole websites, is much slower than Google, especially if accessed from outside of Armenia.

On another note,  that Google has been rolling out several services which cover Armenia and Armenians.

Only a couple of weeks ago Google introduced the Armenian virtual keyboard for its subdomain, which I’ve found very-very handy.

Armenian virtual keyboard on Google search at

And back in April Google Maps introduced driving directions in Armenia, which actually work better than my Garmin Nuvi GPS navigator’s directions most of the time. Way to go Google!


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  4. Hi Artur, I have a Garmin GPS and am thinking about bringing it along to Armenia next week. I can’t find where to buy or download maps for Armenia. Where did you buy yours? Can you email me with some suggestions to my personal email?

    • Art, here’s where I got my map from: Its free, but is not very accurate or detailed and finding locations doesn’t work as expected.

      I tried to locate the official Garmin dealer in Armenia to see if they have a proper map for sale. I found out, that its Technoservice. I tried to get in touch with them yesterday and this morning, but nobody picked up the phone. Will keep trying. Here are their contacts in Yerevan in Russian:
      Контактная информация:
      Республика Армения, 0023, Ереван,
      Община Кентрон, проспект Аршакуняц, 9/5, 2 этаж, комната 23
      Телефон/факс: +374 (10) 54-87-23
      Адрес электронной почты: [email protected]

  5. Through this link one can translate from Armenian to another language and vice versa.

    However, as of this writing, in this link, , when looking at the top of screen page which reads “Type a search phrase in your language. Google will find results in other languages and translate them for you to read” and select “Specific Language” or click on the arrow or selected language under “My language” choice, Armenian is missing from the list of languages. Similarly, looking at “Translate text” box where one places the text to be translated from one language to another, the “from” and “to” language pull-down windows under this box do not contain Armenian language. Same problem exists with the “Translate a web page” box and its pull-down windows. Yet, on same screen, under heading “Use the Google Interface in Your Language” and under “Preferences”, Armenian language exists.

    Are these discrepancies intentional or are they errors Google has overlooked?

    • Actually, this is happening, because Armenian language support is still in ALPHA, meaning, its a ‘preview’ test release. It needs to be improved to the point, where it becomes a BETA release – a ‘test’ release. And only after Google are sure, that its fully operational, they’ll integrate it universally in their services.

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