Indian Expo in Yerevan

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Yerevan’s “Dynamo” stadium is filled with color and shape of all things Indian these days: scarves, carpets, hand-craft, textile, leather, spices, eastern aroma… The site is hosting an Indian exhibition fair from May 14-23. The exhibition will be open 10am-8pm daily, make sure to check it out while it lasts.

It took me a phone call to a friend and a couple of minutes on Google maps, to find the location, which is central, but takes some figuring out, if you’ve never been to it before. Meanwhile, beware, it can be hard to find a parking slot on Sundays!

Image013Visiting the fair was a great idea: I was amazed at the abundance of color and impressed with the huge crowd of women dashing to buy the Indian goodies; while the bitter-sweet smell of Indian spice turned it all into an Indian tale.

It turns out the exhibition-fair is organized twice a year by Armenia’s Chamber of Commerce and the Indian Embassy to Armenia, and apparently, so we can expect more of it.


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  1. I was one of the exhibitor- sellers of the Indian Exhibition. I liked it very much. There were a lot of beautiful and good goods: Pieces of arts, parfumes, clothings , etc.Everything was oif a high quality. I hope and want to be one of the seller exhibitors yhis year too!!!!!!

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