38 Thousand To Graduate High School in Armenia


Kids hanging from car windows celebrating graduation day | picture from "Aravot" daily, 2007

38 thousand 350 high-school students celebrate their Graduation Day in Armenia today. Over 9 thousand of them graduate school in Yerevan. All 9 thousand of them seemed to have decided to pass right below my windows 7 A.M. this morning, with their car horns blowing like crazy and the kids shouting unintelligible slogans of happiness and satisfaction for leaving school.

The celebration of Graduation Day, otherwise referred to as “The Last Bell” in Armenia, is always a loud one, with dozens of traffic accidents as the kids get drunk and drive daddys’ cars. 7 traffic accidents were registered last year on “The Last Bell” day killing 1 and injuring 17.Head of Police Road Patrol Service Norayr Sargsian warned yesterday, that the traffic police will be put on high alert.

Meanwhile, Yerevan’s Republic Square will be closed from 2:30 P.M. today as the city prepares for a concert dedicated to Graduation Day celebrations, with the participation of Armenian singers. The concert will start 4 P.M, last 5 hours and conclude with traditional fireworks, which have the potential of taking your sleep away for a day or two.

Happy Graduation Kids!

P.S. Unzipped warns of ‘date rape’ drugs with sedative, hypnotic, amnesiac effects. Watch out young ladies, today’s a day when boys will try their last try at highschool sweethearts.


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