Virtual City of World and Lace Hill in Armenia


We have been seeing a couple of mind blowing virtual architectural projects in Armenia, which will most probably never come to life.

City of the World is a concept presented by Armenia at the Shanghai Expo 2010 earlier this month. With this project Armenia invites people of the world to construct the City (Geopolis) at the foot of Mount Ararat. The overall crazy idea has found a really fun virtual implementation at, an awful lot of fun to play with.

Meanwhile, the Alabama based Forrest Fulton Architecture has offered to build an amazing Lace Hill in a competition announced by Avangard Motors, LLC to serve as a mixed-use complex with hotel, residential, office, retail, exhibition, cinema, health center, underground parking, etc. The company‚Äôs offer has been declined, and we have yet to find out what will be built on the 85,000 sq/m area where the Youth Palace used to stand. Here are some of the other offers, and here’s the winning project.

Youth Palace, demolished

Lace Hill, offer declined

5 thoughts on “Virtual City of World and Lace Hill in Armenia

      • City of the world.
        The consept, the picture colours, the light.

        The Lace Hill is like a tumor in the middle of Yerevan.

    • In the background would be a burning city and there would be a few smiling faces moving into the World City if it was in Watchtower or some other literature.

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