Journalist Accused of Attacking Police Officer

Journalist of “Armenian Times“ daily Ani Gevorgian,  was arrested late on Monday, after being taken to the police department with a group of opposition supporters who tried to stage a protest action in Yerevan’s Liberty square.

Gevorgian’s lawyer Lusine Sahakyan told RFE/RL, that the 23-year-old female journalist has been detained on suspicion of attacking a male law enforcement officer.

At least 15 people were detained in Yerevan on Monday as the Armenian police continued to block opposition access to a newly renovated square that has traditionally been the country’s main venue for political gatherings.

All but three of them were set free about four hours later. The police department of Yerevan’s central Kentron district declined to give precise reasons for their arrest.

Ani Gevorgian was one of those detained. Two other detainees are Ani Gevorgian’s brother,  Sargis Gevorgian and member of Armenian National Congress opposition movement Davit Kiramijian.


5 thoughts on “Journalist Accused of Attacking Police Officer

  1. While the police in Armenia are corrupt in terms of asking/demanding petty bribes for traffic violations it is not the hell that many diasporans make it out to be.

    Just imagine for a second that you do not live and never have lived in the US and are only judging the police by Rodney King like videos and articles from the press….

    How the hell can you expect a 20 year old ex Soviet country after a 5 year war and under blockade to be Switzerland?

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