Gentle Armenian Police on Duty

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Gentle Armenian police officers bravely holding hands in anticipation of an army of 20 opposition activists © PanArmenian photo via Banadzev

Following 6 days of blocking opposition’s entry to Yerevan’s Liberty square, the kind, gentle and caring Armenian police officers, have finally allowed 1 (that’s one!) A33323CD-91A8-4A11-B848-BE184034A04D_w527_soppositionist to hold a sitting protest action in the square, which has been the site of all key political gatherings in this country.

The brave Armenian police officers have recently acquired quite a fame for being delicate and gentle. A 22-year-old girl, a photographer-journalist of “Armenian Times” opposition newspaper, has been charged for assaulting police officers during one of the days when police were preventing a group of oppositionists to enter the square.

As one can clearly see from the video footage placed on the police site, the girl strikes the hat off a police officer’s head. That seems to have been interpreted by the police as an assault, which in the initial formulation of the charge sounded as “exercising non-life-threatening violence against the police officers.” That’s probably why the ‘dangerous’ girl was pulled into a police van by a group of 10 police officers the next day… the police did come prepared! Somebody, list the names of the 10 police-heroes who dared approach the criminal-girl.

Yes, we can rest assured, our Armenian police are protecting us against evil young girls and a handful of fierce opposition activists.


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