VO.X for My Sweet Armenia

Powerful messages in this music video shared by a friend on Facebook at 3 A.M. in the night took my sleep away. Someone seems to just have read my mind and worries and put it all up there for everyone to see.

It would actually help, if the music video had some music as well… but oh well, the video is excellent, the words are great, the music can wait. And I’ve always liked VO.X for their progressive thinking. Great job guys, we need more music bands like you.


14 thoughts on “VO.X for My Sweet Armenia

  1. except the homophobic content…stating homosexuality as a perversion, ruined the video clip, APSOS! i so wanted to promote it, but i won’t since it has very wrong information in it. Shat apsos! why do they do this? ignorance? heriqa eli! Get educated mi qich!

  2. Knowing how well-educated, broadminded and Europe-oriented these guys are, it must nevertheless be stated that their approach is supposed to be primarily Christian, as they’ve always been a gospel project. Let’s face it, in these days of political correctness and numerous “freedoms”, it takes courage to speak up your mind and stand for what you believe in. That’s their personal viewpoint and they do have a right to have it.

  3. right in the middle where it is posted on the back aylaservadz – perversion. They do have the right to say what they want as long as it is not violating other people’s rights and not spreading hate towards a group of people. PLus the info is wrong, so they are spreading wrong information as well to their public.

  4. I don’t think it is aimed at individuals. It’s about phenomena. E.g. it’s not prostitutes that are frowned upon, but prostitution; not the victims of trafficking, but trafficking itself, etc, etc. As long as it is about issues and phenomena, anyone has a right to express their opinion and dislike.

  5. I disagree with Erevanci and agree with Lara. Of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but when your opinion incites hatred for a group of people that’s discrimination and, in this case, homophobia and in some countries, there are laws against that. I feel that as a popular group, they have more of a responsibility to share accurate information and promote love, peace and tolerance (at least) than showing Armenian and non-Armenian viewers that being gay is a perversion. It’s the 21st century, people, enough already.

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  7. I’m saddened with the way this video turned out, its a shame really… when posting the video I hadn’t noticed any of the above-mentioned homophobic messages. I really-really liked the music, and in fact, the observations I made about “would be great if it had some music” were sheer provocation, because I wanted to draw attention to it.

    Coming back from work I noticed, that the video has been made private. Luckily, through a link by Unzipped I found it again.

    It took me some thinking, whether it is right to repost the video which clearly projects homophobic messages. So I decided to re-embed it in my blog for the following reasons: 1) it has already become subject of discussion, and the visitors of this blog will see the just condemnation of the video; 2) leaving the comments here without the video would render the post meaningless; 3) deleting the video and the comments would mean I’m exercising unjustified censorship.

  8. I’d say it shouldn’t be censored as most religious fundamentalist bigots also openly say the same thing. And, in doing so, they generally discredit such attitudes. So, in this case, I think it should be flagged as regrettable, although I’m not sure I’d consider it as hate speech.

    I mean, many people find a lot of things to be perversion even in terms of heterosexuality, and these guys do as well. It’s a pity that they seem so obsessed with Christianity. Still, there is very little good popular music that is religious orientated, and as few which show a progressive mind set, so point proven once again…

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  10. UPDATE: VO.X frontrunner Aram Rian has re-edited and replaced the controversial portion of the band’s “I Love Armenia” music video, by removing the reference to homosexuality as “perversion”. We have reached a mutual understanding with the group and consider this matter resolved as dialogue has taken place. We no longer have reason to believe either Aram Rian or VO.X is homophobic, and we wish them success in their future endeavors.

    Group of LGBT and human rights activists
    Unzipped: Gay Armenia blog

    Armenian music band VO.X: mutual understanding

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