Jewish Lobby in U.S. To End Support of Turkish Interests

Powerful American Jewish lobby may have ceased to support Turkish interests in the U.S. Capitol Hill amid growing tensions between Israel and Turkey, highlighted in the recent incident when a Turkish aid flotilla was attacked by Israeli forces leaving 9 Turkish-nationals dead.

Relations between Turkey and Israel have been deteriorating over the past 4 years, but the flotilla incident sparked a wave of criticism in Ankara and a fair share of ultimatums directed at Jerusalem, which marked the end of a 20-year strategic alliance of the two countires.

The Washington Times has published an interesting piece, speculating, that the tensions in these relations might mean Jewish lobby will no longer throw its weight behind  Turkey’s denialist policies and block Congress resolutions recognizing the Armenian Genocide from reaching the voting floor.

In other episodes of past Jewish-Turkish love, in Congress, the Jewish organizations lobbied for an oil pipeline from the Azerbaijan’s capital of Baku to the Turkish Mediterranean port of Ceyhan, a pipeline that bypasses Armenia entirely and serves to isolate it int he region. The Jewish lobby in Washington also helped protect U.S. arms sales to Turkey, on which the Greek lobby often tried to block or impose conditions.


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