The Legend of Illuminator’s Lantern

Mount Aragats, Photo by Haik Barseghyan

Legend holds that when Saint Gregory the Illuminator prayed one day on Mount Aragats, a miraculous ever-burning lantern hanging from the heavens came down to shed light on him.

Armenians believe, that the Illuminator’s lantern is still there and only those pure in heart and spirit, can see the eternal lantern – the symbol of hopes and dreams of the nation.

Massive, proud and powerful Mount Aragats (Armenian: Արագած) stands taller than any peak in Armenia, facing the twin-peaks of Mount Ararat across the Ararat valley. The four peaks of Aragats have various heights. They hold the impressive volcanic crater in their lap.

The Northern peak – the tallest in the country, is 4090 meters above see level. The Western peak is at 4080 m, the Eastern one is at 3916 and the Southern peak, the easy one to climb is at 3879 m.

Lake Qarilich, Photo by Suren Manvelyan

Thousands of springs originate from the feet of the mountain, dozens of breathtakingly beautiful mountainous lakes wash the volcanic rocks. The Stone lake (Lake Qarilich) is perhaps the most beautiful of them all.

Asphalt road takes from Byurakan all the way to the Stone lake, where I’ve spend the most romantic and unforgettable time of my life back in 2001…

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