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Microsoft’s popular search engine, Bing is notorious for featuring beautiful background images. Today Bing’s background image in most countries of the world is Yerevan’s Cascade – Cafesjian Centre for the Arts.

Bing, which has been slowly gaining ground in the search engine market dominated by Google, has made the image of Cascade the default background in most countries of the world, including the U.S., Canada. Australia, Chine, France and Germany are the only exclusions, but users in those countries have to option of seeing ‘our’ Cascade upon playing with their background settings a little.

image Meanwhile, flying your mouse over various sections of the Bing’s Cascade background will give you snippets of useful information about Yerevan with links to more info (e.g. “Some people believe Noah named this city…”)

That’s certainly very helpful of Bing to feature Yerevan on its page at the height of the tourism season.

More on Cascade

The Cascade is a huge white stairwell built into a Yerevan hillside in the 1970s, with water fountains running down them, all reminescent of a natural cascade in a river or stream. It connects the central district to Haghtanak Park and the Monument Neighborhood.

Although its original intent was as a monument, beginning in the 1990s the Cascade was home to a very progressive discotheque. Currently, in the summer months, the area becomes a hot spot for entertaining the general public with many free outdoor concerts. Performers include some of Armenia’s most popular musicians, as well as groups from abroad.

The Cascade is emerging as one of the focal points in Yerevan, similar to the Republic Square. It offers spectacular views of Mount Ararat and the city center. It is also popular for foreigners to jog on. Many tourists are often unaware that the structure has escalators so that they do not have to climb the stairs all the way to the top.

The structure was privatized by Gerard Cafesjian and the top is the site of construction for the Cafesjian Museum of Contemporary Art. Some statues by various artists have already been brought in and placed all along the monument, including works by Lynn Chadwick,Barry Flanagan, Stanislav Libensky and Jaroslava Brychtova, andPaul Cox. There are two statues by Fernando Botero a black cat at the bottom and a Roman Warrior at the top platform.

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One thought on “Bing search features Cascade as background image

  1. Cascade monument is by far one of my favorite areas around Kentron, Central Yerevan. Nothing beats hanging out with friends, or your significant other, atop Cascade while overlooking the busyness of the city center and the major surrounding areas. Cascade does a fine job of serving as a tourist attraction, a local spot to relax, and as an old monument brining Armenia and Armenians out of the past and into the future.

    In my opinion, Cascade has significantly improved in both function/service and design over the years. The new museum they opened up last year is definitely a nice touch to this magnificent jewel in the Armenian capital.

    Anyone visiting the Armenian Republic would do good for themselves and their trip by taking some time to visit and observe this great mark. The local ‘Taco Maco’ mexican food joint down the street for lunch afterwards isn’t a bad idea either! =)

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