The questions that Sargsyan, Nalbandyan are avoiding…

Armenia -- Serzh Sargsyan gives a foreign policy talk at a youth camp, 21Jul2010

Armenian leaders used and abused pro-government Miasin youth movement’s camp at Lake Sevan to voice important political messages on Armenia – Azerbaijan and Armenia – Turkey relations last week. The ‘sudden’ interest of Armenia’s president and foreign minister towards socializing with young careerists, can only be explained by their desire to avoid unpleasant questions. The question is – what questions were they avoiding…?

On July 21st Armenian president Serzh Sargsyan used the comfortable setting of the youth camp to make major statements in the presence of a couple of strictly pro-government media and young people, who apparently, were either too eager to please the authorities, or were not allowed to challenge any points voiced by the Sargsyan.

The key message – Sargsyan said that the Karabakh peace process will remain deadlocked unless Azerbaijan follows Armenia’s example and accepts the Saint Petersburg proposals as “a basis for negotiations.” “When Azerbaijan says that it accepts [the proposals], we will continue negotiations. If it says it doesn’t accept, then we will probably have to look for other solutions,” he added.

Armenia -- Minister Nalbandian visits Miasin camp 22Jul2010

On July 22nd Foreign minister Edward Nalbandyan used the same setting to drive home much of the same concepts and respond to Azerbaijani remarks to President Sargsyan’s words a day earlier.

He emphasized, that Azerbaijan keeps speaking of the importance of its territorial integrity in key principles of Karabakh resolution, but forgets about the equally important principles of the right to self-determination and non-use of force.

While both Serzh Sargsyan and Edward Nalbandyan had strong points and every reason to state them, one can’t help wondering, who were they hiding from, why were they delivering remarks in this “Miasin” youth camp where nobody can challenge them, what question are they afraid of?

Here are a couple that come to mind: “Why has Armenia agreed to principles of Karabakh resolution, where there’s no word about Karabakh’s participation in the negotiation process?”, “Why has Armenia agreed to handing over 5 territories surrounding Karabakh without getting any solid committement of Karabakh’s independence status in return?”, “What ‘other solutions’ is Serzh Sargsyan speaking of, or is it just a bluff?”.

I’m sure most of the readers of this could add a dozen more questions. I dare you – try!


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  1. Give it up! Did you expect the Armenian leadership to spill the beans? Obviously you have an ulterior motive. Armenia has its elected president. It would be nice if Armenia could chart its own course without encumberances, however our tiny nation is being pressured from all sides. For the power brokers in this world, might is right. Armenian blood has been traded for oil for over a century. Nothing has changed.

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