30-year-old commander’s ‘suicide’ raises questions


Artak Nazarian, 30, commander of rifle platoon, head of the military base near Chinar village of Tavush region, was a well educated, balanced and kind person.

Defense Ministry rushed to say in an official statement today, that Artak Nazarian has killed himself on July 27th. However, autopsy and external examination conducted later on the day revealed traces of violence on his face and body, inflicted upon the platoon commander 6 hours before death.

“Just hours after killing my son they were already busy covering up everything,” Artak’s mother told Lragir.am.

Relatives don’t beleive the ‘suicide’ version. They last talked to the young officer on Saturday. His mother says Artak Nazarian sounded depressed, he had problems in the army, but he would never kill himself.

Having an excellent command of Persian language, Artak Nazarian, who held major’s degree in oriental studies, served as attaché to Armenian ambassador in Tehran back in 2001. Finding hard to find a suitable job in Yerevan, Nazarian decided to go for contract-based military service in November 2010.

“I want to be a different kind of commander for the soldiers. I don’t want to be like the others [commanders] who work here,” Nazarian had been telling his parents.

The young, well-educated commander carried history books and maps to his platoon and tried to teach the young-conscripts, aged 18-19, that they have to serve for the love of motherland, not just because they’re forced to.

Relatives say Artak was considered a bad commander by fellow army officials, because he wouldn’t beat his soldiers.

The young, smart and ‘bad’ commander is gone. The ‘system’ killed him or forced him to commit suicide. Can we trust any kind of investigation that the Armenian military or law-enforcement are capable of? No, certainly no!?

Will anyone be brought to account for this and all the other ‘suicides’ about which the Armenian Army reports every year? Will there ever be an end to this?

PS: Tsovinar, my dear friend, I mourn with you…


6 thoughts on “30-year-old commander’s ‘suicide’ raises questions

  1. Dear friends, I am trully sorry for Artak. His death touched my heart deeply. Please give my condollences to his family.

    No doubt I don’t trust any investigation at this point, as I’m sure it’s ‘them’ who were the cause of Artak’s dead.

    Nothing will eventually be discovered as the corrupted hands and souls will do their job. Armenian army is certainly not a place for educated, kind-hearted people like Artak. Unfortunately this is true so far.

    How many more Artaks are we ready to lose until the currupted and cruel barbarians are brought to justice?

    Very angry and outraged,


  2. unfortunately it happens in Azerbaijan as well.because of their
    afford to bring something new to army rated as weakness.motherf**rs think the best way keep solider in control are beating and abusing them.people must understand during the war officer or solider dies under fire.what the reality is people more dies in ceasefire.no war needed.i hope occupied Azeri land will be freed without new blood sheet. And people could live together as it used to be.

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  4. This is very touching and painful which leaves me speechless. I hope his family finds comfort and peace of mind. It is very difficult to lose a loved one, especially in such horrific circumstances by members of his own country that Artak Nazarian was serving.

    It is shocking that they beat their own soldiers. Traces of violence on his face and body indicate Artak Nazarian was beaten to death. The fact that authorities announced his death as suicide before any autopsy or investigation, casts great suspicions of cover-up for their crime.

    Is there going to be a true investigation or is the final decision already made that it was “suicide”?

  5. I’m very saddened by this fact. Unfortunatelly our young generation of men have to face these horrible situations in the army. Off course it was not a suicide but it’ll be very hard to prove otherwise. Corrupted government that’s all.


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