Lessons of Karabakh – Aghdam

Once a thriving city of more than 40.000 souls with its own airfield, capital of Agdam region, today Agdam is the consummated portrait of the devastation brought about by the Nagorno Karabakh war, it was invaded by the Armenian self-defense forces in July 1993, following the battle of Aghdam.

Although Agdam was not affected directly by bombardments or the place of combats, the city has been systematically destroyed, as much of the construction material from the city was taken away and used for the restoration of bombarded Armenian towns.

The mosque of Aghdam is the only building spared, although covered in graffiti.

Driving through Aghdam, one finds a surrealistic nightmare – street after street of empty and semi-destroyed buildings, where the remnants of once thriving gardens, fruit trees are growing wild and taking over amid snakes and birds and occasional looters…

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