Raped Azerbaijani Soldier Hangs Himself

Official Azerbaijani media outlets tried to mute this story – an Azerbaijani soldier has committed suicide after being raped by his platoon commander.

On August 14, the platoon commander in question was charged with the attempted rape of the new conscript in a storage facility located on the military base.

The report was provided to Hetq by an Azerbaijani journalist who has been granted political refugee status in Europe.

Non-official sources in Azerbaijan have reported the suicide as “the result of non-sanctioned interpersonal relations“, specifically avoiding to use the word “rape“.

Stories about rapes and sexual assaults in the Azerbaijani military are not rare. On June 7 of this year, an Azerbaijani military court sentenced two military servicemen to life imprisonment for sexual assault and another to 15 years. The trial of three others charged under the same indictment started August 5.

The Azerbaijani media covered intensively July’s tragic incidents in the Armenian army, often reprinting articles from Armenian sources. Following the July incidents which left 7 Armenian soldiers dead as a result of bullying in the army, Armenia’s Defense Minister Seyran Ohanyan told Armenian editors in an off-the record meeting, that media reports of such incidents in the Armenian army are hurting Armenia’s national interests and helping the enemy.

Clearly, Azerbaijan’s military officials and media think the same way.

I reported this story, to show how silence is not helping anyone and while tragic incidents like this one are not reported, the young conscripts suffer, the armies get demoralized and the enemy side wins in the end…

Source: Goldentent


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