Hideous Graffiti on Nor Varagavank Monastery

The architectural ensemble Nor Varagavank (Նոր Վարագավանք) is one of the outstanding monuments of developed medieval times of Armenia. 

“You’ll love it, you’ll see,” Levon told me, as the car climbed carefully towards the hilltop, where surrounded by woody mountains and picturesque ravines, stood the beautiful Nor Varagavank monastery, built in in XII-XIII.

The place is beautiful. An incredible sensation of warmth and comfort shrouded me at the site of this hilltop wonder.

On a closer look, however, my delight turned to rage. The century-old walls were covered in crooked carvings and tasteless graffiti, mostly telling the names or initials of idiots, who visited the monastery earlier.

I was especially frustrated, because you’d think, that so far away from large cities of Armenia, you’d find more appreciation of amazing monuments like this. But hey, spoiling our monuments is a national characteristic. Only days ago an RFE/RL journalit covered similarly frustrating graffiti and stone-carvings on Karabakh’s landmark monument – “We Are Our Mountains”.

What is wrong with you, Armenians? What kind of twisted logic is motivating this sort of vandalism?


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  1. Beautiful, breathtaking, magnificent, great talent! Looking at the pictures makes me want to own a house and live there.

    There are many gorgeous Armenian monuments in Armenia’s neighboring countries as well. Iranian news sites have had pictures and articles on Armenian monasteries and churches in Iran. Recently, one site under the title, “Wonders of Iran”, had few pictures and article on Armenian Vank Cathedral (a.k.a. Holy Savior Cathedral and The Church of the Saintly Sisters) and another article on Saint Thaddeus Monastery (a.k.a. Ghara Kelisa) located in Iran.

    Saint Thaddeus Monastery, Saint Stepanos Monastery and the chapel of Dzordzor (Zorzor) are on United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage List. Haghpat and Sanahin Monasteries in Armenia are also on UNESCO Heritage List. There may be other Armenian monuments on the World Heritage List.

    This site lists some monuments and places to see in Northern Armenia: http://wikitravel.org/en/Northern_Armenia

    It is a shame that some people have no appreciation for arts, historic monuments and antiquities of all cultures.

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