Liberty square off limits for opposition again

Municipal authorities in Yerevan have banned the opposition Armenian National Congress (HAK) from rallying supporters in a key Yerevan square on September 17 and offered it to stage the demonstration elsewhere in the city center, RFE/RL Armenian service reports.

The HAK formally notified the Yerevan Mayor’s Office on Monday of its plans to hold a rally in Liberty Square, the main traditional venue for political gatherings in Armenia, for the first time in more than two years.

In a written reply made public late on Wednesday, the municipality rejected the application, saying the square will be used for rehearsals as the municipal authorities prepare for the “Erebuni-Yerevan” festival which traditionally takes place in October.

The Liberty square has been sealed off for the opposition ever since the bloody break-up of its non-stop demonstrations following the disputed February 2008 presidential election.


5 thoughts on “Liberty square off limits for opposition again

    • lol :))

      No, there’s something else. Actually, since the reopening of the square this year, there are some kid’s attractions placed in the square: little pools, batuts (those blown-up jumping fun games), etc. And they’re specifically placed in locations, where the opposition likes to do sitting protests.

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