Armenia Sets Record For World’s Largest Chocolate Bar

Reporters make images of a huge chocolate bar produced by the Grand Candy factory in the Armenian capital, Yerevan, Saturday, Sept. 11, 2010. The chocolate bar that Guinness World Records has certified as the world's biggest, weighs 4,410 kilograms (9,702 pounds).

Armenia has set a record for the world’s largest chocolate bar.

Armenian company Grand Candy today unveiled the chocolate lover’s dream — a 25-centimetre-thick slab weighing in at 4,410 kilograms and measuring 5.60 metres by 2.75 metres.

A candy factory worker chops small pieces of Grand Candy's record-breaking chocolate, Yerevan, Saturday, Sept. 11, 2010.

In a televised ceremony, representatives of Guinness World Records measured the dark-chocolate bar and certified it as the new record-holder, beating Italy’s record of 2007.

Grand Candy CEO Karen Vardanian said the bar was produced in honour of the company’s 10th anniversary.  He said it will be divided up and handed out Oct. 16 in Yerevan’s Republic square.

I’m going, I most definitely am…

P.S. The great news about this record, is that its an economy and production related record. Armenians have set a range of record in the past in sports, but I don’t remember anything that would be related to producing something. Way to go Grand Candy, how very sweet of you!