The ‘dream-team’ that stole Armenia’s self-rule

Left to right: Robert Kocharian, Serzh Sargsian, Levon Ter-Petrossian, Photo from Armenian Reporter

Armenia’s past and incumbent presidents – Levon Ter-Petrossian, Robert Kocharian and Serzh Sargsian, couldn’t force themselves to come together and celebrate the country’s Independence day on September 21th.

September 22 marks another anniversary. 14 years ago today Armenia turned back from the path of self-rule and democratization as a result of flawed Presidential elections in 1996. Levon Ter-Petrossian relied on use of force against opposition protesters to hold his grip on power.

The three of them had much better relations back then.

Robert Kocharian was the tame President of Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, who would use every occasion to congratulate and speak highly of Ter-Petrossian.

Serzh Sargsian was the Minister of Inerior and National Security, one of the key officials who helped Ter-Petrossian fabricate his victory over main opposition candidate Vazgen Manukyan and keep it too, relying on police and security service forces. Similar tactics was used by Sargsian and Kocharian to claim victory in 2008 presidential elections and break-up the rally of Ter-Petrossian supporters during the March 1 violence in the streets of capital Yerevan.

Ter-Petrossian and Robert Kocharian can’t stand each other and react fiercely to each others critical public statements since 1998, when Kocharian ousted incumbent Ter-Petrossian and became president.

In recent months there are also speculations about worsening relations between long time allies – Serzh Sargsian and Robert Kocharian.

One things they have in common, however, is their determination to take the power away from the people of Armenia as much as possible. That’s where they have been and will remain a ‘dream team’ and that’s what the biggest tragedy of this country is.

PS: Check out this Washington Post editorial which appeared in the wake of the fraudulent presidential election that was held in Armenia 14 years ago today and proved fatal for the country’s post-Soviet history.


7 thoughts on “The ‘dream-team’ that stole Armenia’s self-rule

  1. so sad and yet so true…. question though: didn’t Levon Ter-Petrossian resign (or should I write, “resign”) in 1998? And I wholeheartedly agree with this statement: “One things they have in common, however, is their determination to take the power away from the people of Armenia as much as possible. “

    • Ter-Petrossian was ousted by Vazgen Sargsian & Co., and as part of the plan, they put Kocharian in his place.

      Yes, Ter-Petrossian spoke on TV and said he’s resigning, but do you really beleive everything politicians say on TV? He didn’t have a lot of choices.

      • I most definitely do not believe everything politicians say — whether that be on TV, radio, live or in a blog post ;) Just wanted to get the story straight as I read somewhere that he resigned, but I understand now that was just the official reason. As always, there are many more (and interesting) unofficial reasons. *sigh*

  2. robik was working with Vazgo, dont think that Vazgo & co were working alone. All politics across the globe is a sherades, it is a theater, it is a smoke & mirrors, none of it is real, genuine and/or authentic…especially in countries such as Hayastan (or usa). Armenia’s politics is designed/controlled/puppeteered by RUSAKAN MAFIA (aka: PUTIN) what do you all think? that LTP would “genuinely” step aside with out putting up a fight? There were many backers of him in Hayastan, one of them was and still is today ISRAEL. However, LTP was ordered by his zionist-masonic superiors to step aside so that our version of BUSH/CHENEY (aka: robik and his boz serjik perjik) can be put into place and cause more damage, but simultaneously create more wealth for themselves, among oligarchs and ruling elite families of Hayastan. Hayastan is another typical bi-product of sovietization/communism, and it won’t go away, not for a very loooooooong time and possibly forever. Also, we all know dam well that robik, serjik, levon, gago, and PUTIN orchestrated OCT 27, 1999 parliamentarian massacre to get rid Vazgo & co and put more fear into the people so that they will not think that they have power to rise up and take back Hayastan from these evil demonik russian/kgb controlled hi-jackers. Those of us who live in the real world know dam well that politics is used to put fear into “the people” (aka: the peasants) and make us believe that there is 2 – sides for every country. When in reality robik, serjik, levon and DODI “greedy” gago are all on the same page, they are all in the same boat doing what needs to be done to FOOL the people and distract us while they HI-JACK our homeland and disperse the wealth amongst their supporters and keep the poor…more poor and keep the rich…even more rich. If levon was/is such intiment threat to robik & serjik, then why did they NOT have him murdered as they did with Vazgo and others in the past? why did robik NOT kill LTP during March 1st 2008 weekend civil unrest-riots in Yerevan?? Nobody dares to question these things, because they are scared and fear for their financial/job securities and for their general well-being in Hayastan. and if any of us do dare to pubically question and/or to speak out against them…well anyone who has been or lived in my Hayastan knows dam well what happens. Btw: low population is a serious tool of these hi-jackers on how they can keep a stranglehold on Hayastan… politics 101- the less people there are, the easier it is to control a them, the less educated and/or heathier they are, the easier it is for the evils to keep a control. Shat apsos u txur a, im Hayerun caver@ tanem

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