Newsweek: Armenia belongs in the Russian Empire

Armenia, Belarus, Moldova, Russian Federation and Ukraine will form the future Russian empire in a New World Order described by the Newsweek. Meanwhile, Azerbaijan will join Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Tajikistan and form The Wild East, a geographic formation, which is bound to remain “a center of contention between competing regions, including China, India, Turkey, Russia, and North America.”

“The world’s new contours began to emerge with the end of the Cold War. Maps designating separate blocs aligned to the United States or the Soviet Union were suddenly irrelevant. More recently, the notion of a united Third World has been supplanted by the rise of China and India.”Joel Kotkin, a distinguished Presidential fellow and has written in an article, based on research provided by Legatum Institute in London.

“The borders of this new world will remain protean, subject to change over time. Some places do not fit easily into wide categories—take that peculiar place called France—so we’ve defined them as Stand-Alones. And there are the successors to the great city-states of the Renaissance—places like London and Singapore. What unites them all are ties defined by affinity, not geography,” the writer concludes.

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