Bambir Rocks to 3rd Place in International Music Contest

Armenian folk-rock band Bambir, photo from

Bambir, a popular Armenian folk-rock band has finished third among more than three dozen participants at Eurovoice international music contest.

EuroVoice 2010, held in Athens, Greece, on September 24, was hosted by actress Pamela Anderson.

Watching Bambir, my childhood friends from Gyumri take on the European stage and win the hearts and SMS vote of thousands to take the 3rd place with their song “That’s Fine With Us.”

The Secret – a band from Cyprus – became the winner of the contest.

British singer Marlain Angelides came 2nd. The main prize was $100,000 and a contract with a major record company.

The finale of the contest featured pop-singers Enrique Iglesias and Anastacia.

PS: I really wanted the guys to take the 1st place and get the $100,000, but you know what? Third place – is ‘fine with us’! Way to go guys! I know you’re just warming up. Pamela Andersen, Enrique and Anastacia can be proud for having walked on the same stage with the guys from Gyumri :))))


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  1. jaaaaaaaaan mer Hayer jan
    jaaaaaaaaan mer Gyumreciner
    mer Hayeric lav@ ch’ka eli
    yerani menq petq e haxteinq

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