PM Sargsyan Discusses Farmers’ Problems with Oligarch’s Mother

In a clear sign that the Armenian government has no clue what it’s doing in its attempts to help the country’s struggling agricultural sector, Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan met Roza Tsarukyan, the mother of Armenia’s richest man, to discuss the ‘situation’ in the village.

“We need to communicate directly with the farmers to get feedback from them on the real situation in the village and to understand which are the priority issues which concern our peasants today,” Prime Minsiter Tigran Sargsyan has said in a meeting with Roza Tsarukyan, head of the National Union of Farmers on Wednesday.

The agricultural sector registered an 18 percent drop in the first 7 months of this year according to data from National Statistical Service.

Armenia -- Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan meets National Union of Farmers, Yerevan, 29Sep2010

“We gotta go to church and pray the God,” Tigran Sargsyan joked in an interview with RFE/RL last week, when asked what awaits the country’s troubled farming sector. PM Sargsyan added, that the government is undertaking “serious  steps to improve the situation” and presented a plan, which includes enlargement of agricultural producers at the expense of small and medium-sized farmers.

“Naturally, through this dialog, we must make our plans understandable, acceptable and accessible for you. This will make it easier to make our plan work effectively,” Sargsyan said addressing Roza Tsarukyan.

Roza Tsarukyan

Surely Roza Tsarukian would have no problem understanding government’s plan to ‘enlarge agricultural producers’, as her son, Gagik Tsarukyan owns some of the largest businesses in this country. It’s the poor farmers who will suffer as a result of that ‘enlargement’ and forced out of the sector, while large producers take the full advantage of the vast shadow economy and avoid taxes. In case you didn’t know, Roza Tsarukyan is famous for saying its fine for her son, Gagik Tsarukyan, not to pay taxes, as he will better manage that money to help people via his beneficiary activities, than the authorities.

However, if the government were to really consider the problems in the agricultural sector and farmers, PM Sargsyan would leave his comfortable office in the government building and visit the regions to meet real farmers.

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  1. I hope robik mobik, serjik perjik, levon mevon, and dodi gago mago all DIE of cancer. because these 4 evils are the cancer of my hayreniq Hayastan. I wish I can go back in time and KILL roza tsarukyan, that way she don’t give birth to ANTI-christ dodi gago

  2. Well, the trend for the past few years has been shift in land ownership from small scale rural farms to large farms owned by the oligarchs. So it’s not surprising that the PM is discussing the farm issues with the mother of Oligarch Number 1.

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