Young enough to do something worthy for the world…


9 thoughts on “32

  1. ay txa, cnund’d sh’norhavor
    how about young enough to STOP editing my comments
    STOP censoring free speech

    • Thanks, Andranik.

      I would love to stop editing your comments, but you won’t let me. Stop writing offensive words, and we will both be rid of this painful experience :)))

      • offensive or not, free speech is FREE speech
        by editing/censoring my comments you are no better than those who desperately try to CENSOR free speech

        • Andranik, Editing is not the same as censoring. All the points you want to make would be made more clearly without profanity, and anyway, no one wil read your comments if they are just swearing. Also, this blog would be marked “offensive” and might be deleted if swearing were allowed, and then no one would be able to express their opinions, including Artur. Obviously you value it, or you wouldn’t read it, right?

          • @Ani
            Ay axjik jan cavt tanem, Artur owns this blog, He can do whatever he wants with it. He can allow any & all content and comments. De lav eli, inchvor e, no more “profanity mofanity”

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