Flight from Stepanakert to Yerevan will cost $45 US

Stepanakert airport building. Photo: “AA“

Karabakh government is expected to finished the construction of the airport located some 8 kilometers away from Stepanakert already in November.

The airport, which could be used both for civilian and military purposes, will have a regular flight service with Armenia. Officials have said only that a one-way air ticket to the Armenian capital will cost 16,000 drams ($45).

By comparison, the current fare for a minibus trip from Stepanakert to Yerevan costs 5,000 drams per person. However, the flight will only take 30 minutes, versus the 5-6 hours of very tiring minibus trips, so the extra amount might be well worth it, even if not always affordable.

The airport had been severely damaged during the 1991-1992 war. Karabakh authorities raised about 1 billion drams ($2.8 million) for its reconstruction from unspecified “charitable sources,” RFE/RL reports.

Government officials said earlier this year that a flight service between Stepanakert and Yerevan could be launched already in mid-October. However, Bako Sahakian, the president of Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (NKR), made clear that this will not happen before the end of this year as he inspected the under-construction facility on Tuesday.

PS: Since Karabakh is an independent state and the flight to Yerevan will technically be a flight to the neighboring country, can we call it the Stepanakert International Airport? Sounds cool, huh? :)


5 thoughts on “Flight from Stepanakert to Yerevan will cost $45 US

  1. Years ago I was calling for this, that there should be a flight between Yerevan and Stepanakert. I even called for it to be done if necessary by helicopter. Finally, this dream has come true for those of us who dont want to ride that exhausting 6 hours in summer and 8-10 hours in winter drive. Only problem I see for all of this is price. Average monthly income in mayr Hayastan is $100-200 (depending which corner of Hayastan you live in), average monthly income in Yerevan is 300-800$. So, we can safely assume the poor and middle-incomers won’t be so prone to pay for this flight, especially since it’s 45$ for one way (so lets say 100$ round-trip) if someone is making $200 per month, he/she wont want to spend half their income all for a convenience of flight (unless its for emergency…than maybe yes). So, its fair to comment that only the above middle-incomers and wealthy will pay for this flight. As for our Arcaxcis…I don’t know what are their monthly incomes, but I can bet that its not the same as is in our Yerevan…I would bet its worst. As for this “unspecified charitable sources” well that’s an old las vegas word for “MAFIA”. As is everything else controlled by our oligarchs, it would not suprise me one bit that this airport will be owned/controlled by them as well. Also, when will all of you stop referring to Artsakh as karabakh? Our ancient ancestors who named that region Artsakh did so birthrightfully. We don’t need to be giving ammunition to our scum enemies by having them point their fingers at us saying….”those lands belong to us, look you see even Armenians refers to it by azeri given name karabakh”

    • Well, so far we’re talking about plans. We have yet to see if there is enough demand to make the flight a reality.

      However, the airport is important for strategic reasons.

      • There will be, I’m sure of it. Enough Yerevanics go to Arcax for weekend getaways and if this flight becomes operational more Yerevancis will want to go to Arcax helping to drive tourism to there

  2. for average hayastantzis this might be expensive, I agree. But for Diaspora Armenians, this is quite cheap. I think it will drive tourism up. Good plan from Artsakh to do this!

    • i agree. as with anything it will take time to develop the market and pricing competition. nothing unusual there.

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