Yerevan Shopkeeper Refuses Service to U.S. Citizens. UPDATED

The sign above is posted on a kiosk located in central Yerevan, meters away from the main Republic Square, a top tourist area.

“I’ve stopped serving U.S. citizens after the U.S. Embassy in Armenia refused me a visa,” the shopkeeper told Repoter_Arm, explaining the motives behind such a surprising move. “Americans are observant, they see the sign and don’t approach the kiosk,” the shopkeeper says, proudly trading 30 meters away from Armenia’s Marriott hotel.

P.S. A lawyer told, however, that selectively refusing service to anybody in case of a public offer is against the law in Armenia. Specifically, it is a violation of the RA Civil Code and RA Constitution, a display of discrimination.


14 thoughts on “Yerevan Shopkeeper Refuses Service to U.S. Citizens. UPDATED

  1. Was just told by a former editor that they covered this story last year… so perhaps this guy and his sign have been around for a while?

  2. Yes this is an old story, its been there for a while, but its so darn funny – I couldn’t resist the temptation of reposting it.

  3. So, imagine if the border with Turkey opens, how many shops and other services will bear signs “No Turks served” etc…

    • Well, I haven’t heard about any cases of Turkey refusing to grant visas to Armenians. I have visited Turkey at least 5 times as far as I can remember, and never any visa problems.

  4. be happy that you have a shop and working ,better than not having a job .Inestead of refusing to sell americans charge more and you make extra money ,be pation ,good luck.

  5. LMFAOOOO so hard
    this is so great, finally someone in Hayastan who has balls to post such a sign
    I love it alot, jaaaaaaaaaan I wish I can open shop in Yerevan and post my sign: NO SERVICE TO FAKE ARMENIANS (aka: davachan gor gor spyurqs). Actually, I want to work the customs counter at the airport and have a sign made that reads: NO FAKE ARMENIANS ALLOWED IN REAL ARMENIA. Anyway, you could never get away with this NO SERVICE SIGN america, some have tried and were charged-prosecuted and/or vandalized by haters. The only thing that is tolerated in america is REFUSING service verbally/physically, but you can’t post signs that is read by the public. There is a video posted on youtube by Peter Mursurlian (of globalist flims LA) he shows how one home owner in Burbank, Ca. has posted a FOR RENT sign and conditions: no pets, no smokers, and NO Armenians (here is link to video- Since posting of that sign, our Armenian gang member soldiers (Armenian Power) have vandalized that home and even waited for home owner to show him/herself, but to no avail. It is suspected homeowner is jewish or typical white-american who obviously hates & discriminates on us Armenians living in LA, it is even rumored that homeowner is a FAKE Armenian who is ANTI-Hayastanci and does not want to rent the property to us, as many stancis have moved into Burbank in recent years and complaints have risen 1o fold.

    …”is against the law in Armenia”…
    Since when in Armenia does anyone follow/respect laws?
    my homeland is a lawless nation, a precious priceless Armenian women(Zaruhi Petrosyan) was murdered by her douche bag loser evil satanic husband by way of beating her to death (and she suffered from his fist for last 2 years) not only was he severely beating her, but so was his mother (her mother-in-law) who would use a belt to slap her around the house demanding that Zaruhi acquire money from her family to give to her NEW family (husband & mother-in-law). She reported the beatings few times to police and begged them to help put an end to it, but to no avail. The cops are so evily corrupt and money hungry that they told her the only way they would do anything is if she (Zaruhi) paid them to, and now she is dead because they REFUSE SERVICE to her. So this is an epedemic in Armenia…lawless-ness. I can beat down or kill anyone I want and get away with it, so long as I PAY the cops to look the other way and/or PAY them to help me. Either way, money RULES Armenia, not the law.

  6. I like this blog, I wish I had known about it earlier. I read Armenian news everyday and am very surprised how this blog has not crossed my path. Interesting. Andranik jan, I’m from Armenia apeh, I’ve read some of your comments, I think your out of place calling any Armenian “fake”. There’s very few Armenians out there, and to begin by dividing up some more is a mistake.

    • @Vahe jan ay txa cavt tanem
      I’m not joking about anything when it comes to our Hayutyun
      I take being Armenian very seriously, because that’s something no one can take away from me, it is my “birthright”. I dont need to make any division that does not exist already. There has been a division between FAKE and REAL Armenians for very long time now, more now last 50-75 years than ever. We real Armenians never wanted division, we wanted unity, but those crypto-arabs & crypto-turks (aka: FAKE Armenians) don’t want unity, they want divsion, they created it and will continue to keep the status quo because its in their best interest and advantage to maintain this division.

      You saw what happened in 2009…FAKE Armenians around the world protesting against the opening of Armenian border, showing their hate & discrimination against Hayastan and REAL Armenians. When it has something to do with them they come out crying like baby wanting its mothers breast, but when Armenia is in serious turmoil as it was in Feb-March 2008, did they come out to protest against rk & ss for murdering 20 Yerevanics and injuring countless more? Did they make a peep in their media publications or via their anti-Hayastanci organizations (i.e. anca/ayf/hmem/acyo/aaa/agbu)? Did they come out crying pleading to the gov’t STOP, DONT KILL? They want us to bow down to them, but they don’t dare bow down to anyone. Look at their other organizations: such as AVC (Armenian volunteer corps) and Birthright Armenia both under the same anti-Hayastanci umbrella, how come these 2 orgs recruit only FAKE Armenians? why don’t they allow Hayastancis living outside of Hayastan to be involved in their orgs? You would think that if their goal is to bring FAKE Armenians to REAL Armenia that at very least they would have REAL Armenians involved with them. The point of my bashing them is to fight “their” hate & discrimination towards us REAL Armenians. I don’t hate them, I dont’ discriminate them, but someone has to stand up to them and show that we REAL Armenians will not bow down to you FAKE Armenians who hate & discriminate us, no matter how much money they pretend to give us …which in reality goes to oligarchs and high-level officials to keep Armenia in oppression, that’s the FAKE Armenian secret of keep Hayastancis down, they support our internal enemies and act as if they are giving to the masses, and it was proven in Oct-Nov 2009 before the national tele-thon when FAKE Armenians threatened to boycott the tele-thon and you saw what happened next…aaww poor serjik perjik and his mafia came out pleading to FAKE Armenians to give, that there shows that the money goes into private pockets, not to “the people”

  7. Andranik it is people like you who are making division between Armenians. I think you are a Turk trying to divide Armenians.We (Spyurq hayer) and hayastanciner are brothers and sisters and we love and defend Armenia with our lifes equally.

  8. Andranik is NOT an Armenian.

    I agree with Georgik that he is a Turk. Maybe on paper he might be an Armenian, but every soul who tries to separate between Armenians is an agent.

    God Bless Armenia

    • @harout –
      ara its you and the rest of your anti-Hayastancis who are the turks
      if I’m such a turk, then why would observer allow my posts to be appear on his blogs???
      its simple, you and the rest of your anti-Hayastan clan can’t stand the fact that a real Armenian such as me would expose the divisions between you and us
      you think americans are really worried about external enemies wanting to BOMB them with planes into buildings? or they more worried about their “internal” enemies who are destroying america from with in…get the point?!

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