Family Insists Armenian Captive Was Civilian

Azerbaijan -- A video screenshot of Manvel Saribekian's interview with an Azerbaijani TV channel, 17Sep2010

Grieving relatives of the Armenian man who died in Azerbaijani captivity last week joined official Yerevan on Thursday in insisting that he was a civilian, not a saboteur as claimed by Azeri authorities.

Manvel Saribekian was taken hostage on September 11th and was killed in an Azerbaijani detention facility. The Azerbaijani authorities claimed that the 20-year-old committed suicide and had no traces of violence on his body. Armenian officials dismissed these claims, saying that he was tortured to death or “driven to suicide.”

Armenia -- Siranush Balian, the mother of an Armenian man who died in Azerbaijani captivity, speaks to RFE/RL, 7Oct 2010.

Saribekian was a civilian resident of Tutujur, a border village in the northeastern Gegharkunik province. Speaking to RFE/RL, relatives of the killed captive said he was demobilized from the Armenian army four months ago. They say he crossed a nearby section of the Armenian-Azerbaijani frontier by accident, while looking after the family’s sole cow.

“Please, bring my son back dead or alive,” cried Balian. “This is all I am asking for … My heart tells me that my child is alive.”

Whether the body will be sent back to Armenia anytime soon is not yet clear. The International Committee of the Red Cross reiterated through a Yerevan spokesman that it is holding “confidential” negotiations on the matter with Azerbaijani officials.


4 thoughts on “Family Insists Armenian Captive Was Civilian

  1. thank you for posting this story Artur jan, cavt tanem
    arden im lacs yekav yerbvor diteci sa tesanyut@
    vayreni azeri vay duq satanayin zavakner
    sa or@ piti ga yerbvor yes dzez piti spanem
    menaq mi kich indz motecir, ba huysov em ayd or@ k’ga
    im Hayerun caver@ tanem, I die for my people 1000 times before they will receive such pain in their hearts, especially for our mayirks & tatiks who are suffering day-to-day
    I hope commentator “adrineh” watches this video, maybe then she will think twice about why we Hays want to KILL every azeri mazeri (civilian or not)

    and as for our evil corrupt mafia/putin controlled gov’t that could’ve easily negotiated with our enemies for a trade and willingly was neglective towards this situation…well, I can only hope the same thing will happen to their children, especially to robik & serjiks sons. If I can get close enough to robiks son (levonik), no doubt one day he will leave his home and never return. I bet robik would pay thru his a** to get back his evil pride & joy and that’s too bad for our lovely Sirusho who sold out herself to the devil and his son all for money, career, and luxury life

    • Andranik, calls to violence are not welcome on this blog. I don’t want to kill anybody and I think most Armenians would prefer living peacefully if circumstances permit.

      I really appreciate and value Adrineh, I consider her a real patriotic Armenian and I would really ask you to treat wonderful Armenian ladies like her with more courtesy, that’s how you can best demonstrate that you’re a real HAY!

      • @Observer
        oh, so its ok for her to question how many enemies we have killed, insinuating that “we” are in the wrong for defending ourselves. If anyone wants to delete us, if necessary we will defend ourselves. I am not violent and although it “seems” I condone it with my words, but it only “seems” that way. I am for peace too, I want my homeland to live in peace, I don’t want war/violence, but those of us who love our people & homeland with our lives won’t stand to allow our enemies to slaughter us as they did in the past…NEVER AGAIN. For me best revenge is success, to take back our lands, create and further our nation socially & economicaly, increase our population, that would piss off our enemies more than killing them. For they don’t care how many of them we kill, they don’t want us to succeed in general life. So, for anyone otar or Hay to question why would we want or how many have we killed is ridiculous in nature. che we will stand there and let our enemies massacre us and take more of our lands…yah I think that would work out best for us ha?

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