Edward Nalbandian blasts Turkish policy in a Wall Street Journal op-ed


Foreign Ministers Eduard Nalbandian of Armenia (L) and Ahmet Davutoglu of Turkey sign landmark agreements to normalize Turkish-Armenian relations in Zurich.

“Unfortunately Turkey has backtracked from the agreements. Not only has it refrained from ratifying the protocols, but Ankara has returned to the language of preconditions that it had used before the beginning of the process,” Armenian Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian has written in an op-ed published by the Wall Street Journal, adding: “One needs to prove one’s good intentions by deeds.”

Last year on Oct. 10 in Zurich, after intense negotiations, Armenia and Turkey reached agreement and the foreign ministers of the two countries signed the protocols on the establishment of diplomatic relations, opening of the border and development of bilateral relations.

But since the signing ceremony, senior officials in Turkey have linked ratification of the protocols with progress in a separate dispute between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the status of Nagorno-Karabakh. Responding to conditions put forward by Turkey, Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan suspended the ratification process of protocols in the Armenian parliemanet on April 23, 2010, 1 day before the Armenian Genocide remembrance day, but he indicated that Yerevan was not, for now, withdrawing its signature from the documents – a statement welcomed by the international community, in particular by the United States and the European Union.

Armenian and Turkish Flags

Armenian and Turkish Flags

“Our position was reflected in the well-known approach of normalization of relations without any preconditions. It was the bottom-line principle for starting the negotiations with Turkey. With this common understanding we started, conducted this process and came to the agreements,” Armenian Foreign Minister has written one year after the historical signing of documents.

“It seems we speak in different languages. On the one hand, the Turkish leaders pretend that they always respect the principle of pacta sunt servanda (agreements must be kept), but on the other hand, they refrain from ratifying and implementing the agreements signed by themselves in Zurich. What does that mean? They claim they have no preconditions, that they simply demand that we fulfill this or that before they can proceed with the ratification. Does this mean they have no preconditions?” he asks, adding, that while Turkey speaks about the need to have a “comprehensive solution” for the problems of the South Caucasus region, in reality “it is a mere rhetoric, all words and no performance.”

“Smokescreen against Armenian Genocide recognition”

“Hypocritically Turkey also uses the normalization process as a smokescreen for baseless argument that the adoption of resolutions on the Armenian Genocide in various countries can damage the normalization process. Yet, from the beginning of the process we made clear both in our contacts with the Turkish partners as well as publicly that Armenia will never put under question the fact of the Armenian Genocide or the importance of its international recognition,” Nalbandian has written touching on perhaps the most sensitive issue for President Serzh Sargsyan’s government as he initiated the Armenian – Turkish normalization process.

Fears, that the normalization will damage efforts for international recognition of the Armenian Genocide forced Armenian Revolutionary Federation (Dashnaktsutyun) out of the ruling coalition. Sargsyan faced protests at home as well as abroad from Diaspora Armenian communities all over the world.

“No Silent Diplomacy”

Turkish President Abdullah Gul and Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu have said in more than one occasion, that the Turkish-Armenian relations have entered a period of “silent but decisive diplomacy,” following suspension of ratification process by Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan.

“There is neither “silent diplomacy, nor “a second season” of Zurich, nor any new round of negotiations, according to the information often spread by the Turkish media these days,” Edward Nalbandian has responded in the WJ op-ed: “The only remaining step in this long lasting process is the ratification and implementation of the Armenian-Turkish protocols without further ado. Armenia will be ready to move forward if Turkey is again ready to go ahead with the normalization process without preconditions.”

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2 thoughts on “Edward Nalbandian blasts Turkish policy in a Wall Street Journal op-ed

  1. You know what I find most disturbing about all of this…is that last year was the year of HATEful protests for the FAKE Armenians (aka: gor gor davachans). They finally found their chance to use a forum to exercise hatred & discrimination towards Hayastan. Imagine, these hateful and very discriminatory FAKE Armenians will cry like babies when anything about “genocide” is on the table, but when my homeland was in a severe distress, civil unrest, border line civil war, and 20 Yerevancis murdered by the hands of our criminalistic evil mafia/kgb controlled gov’t…did the FAKES make a peep in 2008? Did they come to the aid of the families of the murdered? Did they report about it in “their” media & publications? Did any of “their” anti-Hayastanci orgs (aka: anca and its affiliates) speak out and/or protest against what happened March 1-2 weekend 2008? Answer to all of these questions is….NO !!!! they absolutely did no such thing, they turned a HUGE blind-eye and even some whispered to each other…”let those savage Hayastancis kill each other, we don’t care”….so I say YES to protocols, YES to anything that is in those protocols (except for pre-conditions about Arcax), YES to selling out the AG all to piss back on the FAKES for them enjoying to piss on my Hayastan. Also, its one thing when REAL Armenians speak out and/or come out to protest in streets of Yerevan and in front Armenian consulate in LA due to the fact that we live there, we visit our homeland, we do everything possible to take care of our people there so that we can still have a homland to claim, but its a whole nother thing when FAKES do it, especially the balls they had protesting front of our embassies & consulates around the world. Can you imagine how that looked in front of the host countries? The otars looking at them thinking….WTF? they protest against turks and for AG rec, but now they protest a country which they don’t even claim as their own???. These FAKES have absolutely no buisness what so ever protesting anything regarding Armenia…for 1: they are NOT citizens of Armenia nor would they ever be, 2: they don’t visit Armenia nor would they ever want to, 3: consistantly show their hatred & discrimination towards Hayastancis, 4: they are not involved in Armenia’s politics. So I ask, what rights/ reasons do they have to protest against my homeland? A homeland that they don’t care for, nor visit, nor anything. Oh wait…I get it, they think because they give lousy piss poor 200-300 dollars each year to himnadram (aka: robiks & serjik personal bank account) that they have a right to protest against Armenia and her people. Ahh I see, ok well if I give back their money, can I protest back at them?? You want to know why it is the FAKES give millions every year to himnadram? because they know dam well that robik & serjik and their cronies use it as a personal bank account and so long as FAKES keep funding our internal enemies, therefore Armenia will never succeed. That’s how the FAKES are destroying our homeland, not only externally, but internally as well. This is a very precise and calculated effort on their part. They pretend to hate serjik perjik, but in reality they secretly fund him and his mafia regime to destroy Hayastancis from with-in so that we never succeed. Well, news flash to the FAKES…not only are we succeeding at a more rapid rate than ever with Yerevan becoming a more metropolis city, but now we have taken control of glendale and east hollywood last 10 years, which coincidentally use to belong to the FAKES before the influx of stancis and now we are taking over vegas as well. jaaaan mer HAYASTAN !!!!!

    Its funny…both FAKES & REALS all claim that Armenians are united, but the division is so plainly obvious. I mean really do you ever see the FAKES come to a Tata concert as I was there sunday 10-10-10 and saw only a few, do they ever come to “our” events/gatherings? Do they ever invite stancis to their ARAB et men (hmem) navasartyan games held in van nuys every july 5th weekend? No they don’t and no we don’t, so we will never be united because as long as the FAKES are anti-real Armenism, there will never be a common ground between us other than we both love Ararat

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