Century of Armenian Diaspora Success Destroyed?

US investigators have exposed a network of Armenian gangsters and their associates who have gained the American medical insurance system and received $35.7 million in payments, BBC reports.

The group of 73, most of whom are of Armenian origin, are accused of setting up some 118 clinics across the US, most of which existed only on paper or were “nothing more than shams, shells, and storefronts”, said US Attorney Preet Bharar. “In terms of profitability, geographic scope, and sheer ambition, this emerging international organised crime syndicate would be the envy of any traditional mafia family,” he said.

Officials say some of the proceeds from the operation were couriered back to Armenia in cash.

Armenian Foreign Ministry have made a statement, expressing regret over the possible involvement of Armenian citizens in the crime ring, offering support to the investigation.

A Facebook friend said today: “I am proud to be Armenian and not embarrassed of my culture! Those who embarrassed us yesterday, they are tiny part of culture. Let’s learn a lesson from this…

Well, sorry… I can’t feel proud, not today… More than anything, this story is a huge blow to the image and authority of the Armenian Diaspora in the USA, which has been considered an affluent and respected community, which has built its reputation by a century of hard work.

Such a pity…


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  1. There has been an erosion of trust. Last year, for example, a gang was arrested when they offered an undercover FBI agent posing as an Arab terrorist Igla missiles and other weaponry. Then there was an organized crime ring that was caught doing credit card fraud in a few states.

    Fortunately, Kim Kardashian keeps us on the positive side.

  2. guys, why do armenians have this overinflated sense of importance. somehow the italians do not feel embarrassed because there is a mafia, the irish do not feel embarrassed because the irish mob is powerful in boston and surrounding cities, and so on. so what that a bunch a criminals committed crimes? [edited by moderator]!!! it’s not like they went and bombed afghanistan and iraq to the stone age? believe me this will be forgotten with the next chilean miners’ rescue and america’s got talent. chill!!!

  3. Fake Viagra worked for years because for Armenians it doesn’t matter:) doesn’t make much difference, we’re machos even with fake Viagra :)

  4. @observer – you told me you don’t allow profanity/slurs to be posted in comments, you always editing/deleting my comments, yet you allow манук to post “[edited by moderator]”

    As for this story, only regret I have about it is I WAS NOT A PART of IT
    if I had made my $1-2 million cash, I could’ve moved back to my homeland, retire, and help in philanthropy & charity. Please if someone out there will let me invite into their very profitable criminal network enterprise, I’m all game…

    Btw: Notice how every time REAL Armenians do something criminalistic (whether small or large scale) that it always is reported/published in the media, but what about the FAKE Armenians (aka: gor gor habibi wabibi & oghlu moghlu davachans)? do we ever read/hear about their sophisticated criminal network enterprises? no, and you want to know why? because the FAKES are working with local-state-federal law enforcement to piss on REAL Armenians. out of the FAKES vs. REALS you think its coincidence that police always target “stancis”? the FAKES are cooperating with cops to point the finger at us. everyone assumes to believe that all “stancis” are the biggest crooks/thieves/criminals of Armenian world, yet no one will dare speak out against the FAKE Armenians and their allah mallah wakbar makbar TERRORIST BOMBINGS that they committed in 70’s-80’s. how they were supporting and still to this day support PLO MLO/HUMMUS MUMMUS/HEZBOLLAH MEZBOLLAH. why would anyone who claims to be “Armenian” want to support scummy habibi towel head arabs and their hell bent on terrorism ideology? hmmm…I wonder why !

    However, no one will dare speak about how all the FAKES own so-called “jewelry” stores….coincidence that they are all in the same buisness? and why is it they all own jewelry retail/wholesale/manufacturing buisnesses? even now gold price has reached its highest approaching $1400/oz. and no one is buying fine jewelry, factories are closing, and retail buisness is down 70% … how is it that these FAKES can still make their money and live their extravagant luxurious 2 million dollar home $80k benz $6k vegas vacation lifestyle and not have a worry in the world? hmmm?? anyone? well since no one dares to speak about this….but LMFAO out loud….I will dare to. The FAKES (as I’ve come to refer to them) have their wealth and influence because they are involved in serious criminalistic enterprises as well. they can deny it all they want, I’ve witnessed it 1st, 2nd, and even 3rd hand. from LA to Chicago to Detroit to NYC/NJ to Miami, all the gor gors are involved in one scam/fraud or another. from banking scams, to credit card frauds, to identity thefts, to trafficking-transporting drugs, to anything you can think of that is sophisticated “white collar” type crimes, they have a hand in it in small or large scale, and they NEED to own retail store “fronts” in order to WASH their stolen money. well, lets just say…no one dares to question as to why anyone would want to own “jewelry” buisness. you can easily wash your stolen money in such a buisness as “jewelry” because then when someone who knows you and/or notices your wealth, they won’t dare to pressume you as “criminal” but as “honest hard working retail store owner”, which is really a cover for their criminal network.

    So while all of you out there (REAL or FAKE) are bashing on us stancis, try to spread the blame of “giving Armenians bad name” to others who truly deserve it. all I can say is that at least we REAL Armenians are not hell bent on supporting allah akbar habibi wabibi yalla walla arabs or speaking turkish & arabic and dare to say…”yah I’m Armenian bro, yalla lets live habibi wabibi & oghlu moghlu”….

    and anyone who praises kim “the biggest [edited] of hollywood” kardash mardashian seriously needs to have his/her head examined, I fear for your mental well being

      • I know it is. I was not knocking you for posting that
        I was knocking kim k. and anyone who praises/supports her

        on another note: can I mention that I am fully IN LOVE with Mary Makaryan of aravot@ shantum (shant tv yeterum) iran gexeckutyun@ an-nman u anhavatali e. iran bnavorutyun@ aynqan sirun. I love how she speaks so beautifully so elegantly, I’m curious to know if anyone knows if she is married or not?

          • @observer – of course I have great taste, all real Armenian girls especially born/raised in Armenia are the best of the best, mer
            axjikneric lav@ ch’ka. well I posted link to the video showing her making salad, you don’t recognize her? you don’t watch the morning shows…bari luys, arravot@ shantum, yev ayln?

  5. Nope, sorry – no time to watch morning shows and I practically never watch Shant TV, only their main news program from time to time.

  6. “this story is a huge blow to the image and authority of the Armenian Diaspora in the USA, which has been considered an affluent and respected community, which has built its reputation by a century of hard work.”

    I think this raises a number of very important questions, to which I do not have the answers, but have pondered for quite a while. I recently asked Armenian friends from different communities around the world what the perception of Armenians was, and my oversimplified impression is that while the reputation of Armenians in some cities around the world, say Paris for example, is relatively high, quite the opposite is true in a city such as Los Angeles. There also seems to be a correlation, if not a causal relationship, between the level of integration of the different forms of Diasporan Armenians amongst themselves, and the reputation of Armenians in that city.
    That is, sticking to the Paris – LA extremes, it seems even before the influx of Armenians from Armenia to these cities, there were extreme differences in perceptions. There seemed to be more integration amongst Armenians from Armenia, Iran, Middle East and Turkey in Paris, whereas there were already much sharper lines of division drawn between these groups in LA. Throw into those pots large numbers of Armenians leaving Armenia at various stages of Armenia’s development (post-earthquake, post-independence “dark and cold years,” war-time, and times of increasing oligarchies), and what already existed in those cities, intensified. LA became more divided, and the reputation of Armenians decreased, and Paris integrated and accepted further, and the reputation of Armenians remained high.
    When questioning my friends, I was told by those in LA that while there is in fact much disdain on the part of many Armenians who have been in LA for decades towards newcomers from Armenia, and this this contributed to lines of division, Armenians from Armenia did their fare share of petty and not so petty crimes/scams which contributed to those divisions. But is there any reason that the more ‘criminal-leaning” migrators would tend to go to LA, and not Paris, or London, or New York?
    Suffice it to say that I’m not sure Armenians have such a rosy reputation.
    This is obviously an oversimplified, and only moderately thought out approach – I welcome any thoughts on the matter.

    • @tzitzernak
      ….”LA became more divided”….
      LA will ALWAYS be divided, LA is a divided/segregated city
      everyone here wants to hang out with their own, due to the fact that ie: Armenians want to remain and keep themselves as “Armenian”. as it is our females are straying away from us more often than they should, they are now and have been for last 10 years having a taste for other people (ie: mexicans, blacks, asians, etc…) what use to be 1 of every 10 Armenian girls straying away has now turned into 2-3 of every 10 and that ratio will continue increase over next 10-20 years as Armenian men are becoming something totally unfimiliar to them. (no love, no respect, lack of responsibility and downright stupidy on our part) As for this Armenians and those Armenians and that Armenians…there will always be a division as has been for last 300-400 years. what you think? that “genocide” divded all of us? that is a myth that has been overused and to me overrated. we have always been divided, especially last 300-400 years. the gor gors (as I’ve comed to refer to them) have always hated on Armenians of the east, this is not some espionage state-secret and they are very open about it, especially amongst themselves. so yah, since there has been an influx of us REALS into LA/glendale and america in general….the hate & discrimination on the part of the FAKES will continue to increase and intensify. they don’t want us moving near them, they dont want us succeeding in life, they dont want us to have the good life, they want us to suffer under mafia/kgb style regime, they want us to go back to Hayastan and crawl back into our ghetto-domiks to suffer, and now that we have become a success in america in terms of media, entertainment, pop-stars, actors/musicians, tv channels/networks, retail/businesses, lawyering/doctoring, driving expensive cars, living in expensive homes, wearing expenseive clothing, and creating this totally modernistic world for ourselves, thes FAKES are mad crazy jealous and dont want to see that we have not only have it better than they do, but created it with out their help, with out them having an any involvment in it. Oh and if anyone dares to say…”we Armenians are united”…I can always prove them to be “LIARS” and wishful thinking on their part

      and as for your comment of…”But is there any reason that the more criminal-leaning migrators would tend to go to LA, and not Paris, or London, or New York?”….I find that this criminal-leaning term you used is your discreet way of referring to us “Hayastancis”, shall I refer to the FAKES as “arab terrorists”? I mean they were committing terrorism in the 70-80’s and are well known for it.

      and only reason the “criminal-leaning” migrators often migrate to america is because they can get away with such criminal activity in america than in europe. europe and america are so different in many ways, you can’t get away with frauding a medicare system in europe on a massive scale, they will hang you there. where as in america is the “land of the free”…as in you can FREELY and EASILY get away with criminalistic activity than you could in europe or else where. I find that america was set-up so that criminals can do and get away with it. I mean really, why aren’t we hearing/reading about such crimes as this in europe?

  7. Andranik, perhaps I was a touch too subtle. The question in which the term “criminal leanings” was placed was rhetorical. What I was hinting at is that any “criminal leanings” are not in fact inherent in any way, as some like to perceive, or use as an excuse for their discrimination against Armenians from Armenia, but rather, that any such behaviors are in fact a function of the divided, dysfunctional, and judgmental community (and country – US) into which they emigrated.
    We are not saying such different things, Andranik jan.

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  9. With the increasing success of all the Armenians in Los Angeles, divisions have actually decreased with time, as the division of newcomer vs old timer and wealthy vs poor has decreased. Armenians are closer now, since their experiences are closer and their economic status is closer as well. My work is based on taking care of all types of Armenians and I don’t notice a great difference in mentality among the different groups as I used to in 1990s.

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