Italian Star Al Bano Sings in Karabakh Donkey Race

World famous singer Al Bano sang his top single “Felicità” in the annual Donkey race organized in Vank village of Nagorno-Karabakh Republic.

About 80 donkeys raced in Vank village of Karabakh’s Martakert region for the grand prize of $5000 US and other precious prizes.

The event is organized by Levon Hayrapetian, a rich Vank-born Russian entrepreneur and philanthropist. It is with his initiative, that the donkey races take place annually since 2003.

Every year the Donkey race attracts high-level politicians and government officials from Karabakh. This year Mr. Hayrapetian has gone further and invited the world-famous singer Al Bano for added shine and glitter.

“I came to Karabakh, because someone called me, and I enjoy it, because this is my first time in Karabakh,” the singer told RFE/RL’s Armenian service.

And I surely enjoyed watching this fun video! :))) Go donkeys, go!


13 thoughts on “Italian Star Al Bano Sings in Karabakh Donkey Race

  1. I dont like this, why aren’t they racing horses?
    our Artsakh is known for its horses
    our enemies can use such a video against us to say…
    “look at those Ermenis, they riding donkeys, they are a donkey people”

    $5k…wow that is no joke for an Artsakhci
    one can live on that for 1 full year in Artsakh
    (or maybe 6 months in Stepanakert)
    organized by Levon Hayrapetian? is this the same Levon who organized/arranged the mass wedding for 800 people and promised to pay the families $2000 each if they remain and have children in Artsakh?

    • The world would be a much happier place if people could just enjoy themselves and stop worrying what the neighbors think and say. Just watch the video and enjoy everyone smiling. And anyway, donkeys are lovely animals, don’t insult them :))

  2. Are you serious? are you serious? somebody help me! validol!!! i am about to die!!! felicita, papan kuze maman chi ta, felicita :) hahahahahahahahahahah

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