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The Republic of Armenia Law on Television and Radio[1] stipulates the existence of at least 1 Public Television Channel and 1 Public Radio Channel, which are subsidized by the State budget, but have the right to carry out commercial activities (sell advertisement) and cover any additional costs. Currently, there are 3 public TV channels and 2 public radio channels, which are – First TV Channel, Ararat TV, Shirak TV, Public Radio of Armenia, Shirak Public Radio.

News and current affairs content is mostly available on First TV channel, Shirak TV, Public Radio of Armenia and Shirak Public Radio, whereas Ararat TV is a dedicated cultural channel, which has some culture related news and analytical programs.

According to both AGB Nielsen[2] and IREX National Semi-Annual Survey 2008-2009 the Armenian Public Television (H1) tops the rating chart of the Armenian television channels, with 20-27% of market share (see Chapter 1 for details).

Shirak TV and Shirak Radio are only available in Shirak region covering a potential audience of close to 300,000. Consecutive public opinion surveys carried out by Gyumri Journalists’ Club “Asparez” have revealed, that both Shirak Radio and Shirak TV have very low rating, with a market penetration of less than 5% for TV and about 3% for radio[3].

[1] RA Law on Television and Radio, signed into law on 09.11.2000

[2] AGB Nielsen Media Research Armenia., the in August, 2010

[3] “Researches 15-31 August 2007,” Journalists’ Club Asparez, September 2007


5 thoughts on “Public Service Media in Armenia

  1. Ararat TV is the cultural channel? They play mostly rabiz music on it – since when did rabiz become the Armenian culture.

  2. I dont understand this post, are you trying to expose the corruption of RA gov’t owned/controlled media??

    • No, I’m just writing about basic facts about public service media in Armenia, it will be part of a series of posts, where I’ll write some information about media and internet in Armenia.

      This is part of the research project I’m currently working on and thought to publicize some extracts, since some people might find it interesting / useful.

  3. ah ok, thought you were hinting how the media is owned/controlled by the evil mafia bureaucrats. well if you remember in 2002? or 2003? how robik mobik & his whore in crime serjik perjik turned off A1+ tv channel few years back, that was a huge blow to freedom of media in Armenia.
    as for our internet, well its owned by russian mafia thru their Armenia connection fronts, as well as our cell phone service providers (although orange is owned by the French I believe) the ruskies and their mafia own 90% of our telecommunications/media infrastructures. ah the days of the communism have not gone for long, still present via this so-called “free market” enterprises

  4. I Love ArmRadio and respect all wonderful people working there! It gets better and better every year. Sadly, I can’t say the same about public television.

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