Yerevan’s Closed Market: Color and Aroma

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Closed Market or Pak Shuka is on Yerevan’s central Mashtots Avenue, right in front of the Blue Mosque. It was the only market in the city that used to have a fixed roof during Soviet times.

The Yerevan’s Closed Market is certainly one of the most interesting places to exploring the Armenian food and get a glimpse of the culture and hospitality.

Even though the market is expensive compared to most supermarkets and regular food markets in the not-so-central locations, it is a must-visit for Yerevan’s guests. Highly tourist friendly – once you get in to the market you are greeted by different people who offer you to try all different kinds of dry fruits and Armenian sweets.

The most famous one is Armenian fruit-sujukh. It is walnuts wrapped in fruit syrup and dried in the form of a sausage.

Another great stuff, my favorite, is the ‘ttu lavash’ or sour-lavash, which is a flat sweet and sour sheet of dried fruit syrup and juices, usually made of plums or cherry sauce.


7 thoughts on “Yerevan’s Closed Market: Color and Aroma

  1. The fruit sujukh isn’t sweet enough for my American taste buds. But what I really hate is that it looks like something the cat left in the litterbox. I always tease my wife about that when she brings it home. I’ll have to try the ttu-lavash though. Looks good!

    • @married to Armenian girl
      at least “our” fruit roll ups is not made of cancerous diseased unhealthy fattening ingridients such as HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) and chemicals which are named with coded un-deciphering names to purposely confuse the consumers. at least our foods in Armenia are NOT processed and tampered and “bio-engineered” as they do in america. yep, I’ll take something the cat left in the litterbox anyday over american. at least with the litterbox…I know what I’m eating

    • Yeah, I have to say, I don’t really like the sujukh, but not because of how it looks. Rather, it gets stuck in my teeth and I hate this semi-chewey feeling.

      The ttu-lavash, on the other hand, is one of my favorites, if its made properly. Try it, you’ll like it.

  2. jaaaaan mer pak shuqa, mer Haykakan shuqaner, amena hamov u hotov shuqaner
    I love our pak shuqa, I dont like those SAS supermarkets and other mafia owned/controlled retail chain markets. with pak shuqa vendors you have a more personal relationship with them, they can be your neighbor, your friend, your friend’s mother or someone you know thru a friend of a friend. you can speak with them and have a laugh or two. I find pak shuqa’s prices to be fine, I’d rather pay my money to pak than to mafia/gov’t owned supermarkets. I wish I owned the pak, I would give free rent to all vendors, this way they can make their money and not have to worry about kicking it up to a crook who most likely overcharges for rent

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