Armenia – Iran Trade Turnover To Reach $1 Billion

Map of Armenia and Iran

Meeting Armenia’s Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan on his two-day official visit to Iran, Islamic Republic’s First Vice President Mohammad Reza Rahimi said trade turnover between the two countries should reach at least $1 billion.

According to official statistics, average trade turnover between Armenia and Iran was around $ 200 million US in 2008 and 2009 and has totaled to $122 million US in January – August 2010.


Armenia mostly exports food and raw materials to Iran and imports fuel, fertilizers, chemical products, etc.

Admittedly, the two countries have implemented and are implementing a range of major joint economic projects, including the construction of gas pipeline, a hydroelectric plant on Meghri river, road and rail construction projects.

However, the projection of $1 billion sounds simply fantastic.

Press Release Manipulations

One factor inspires with hope, that $1 billion goal can be easily reached by the end of this month.

In an official press release sent yesterday, the Armenian Government said trade turnover between the two countries is about $200 million. Another press release sent today estimated the figure at $400 million.

Hence, I have concluded, that if such doubling of figures continues, Armenia and Iran will surpass the $1 billion mark within two more official press releases :)))))


2 thoughts on “Armenia – Iran Trade Turnover To Reach $1 Billion

  1. yep $1 billion for the maifa gov’t and it’s cronies
    can you imagine what someone can do with $1 billion in Armenia
    I could rebuild/modernize half of Hayastan and all of Arcax, take care of the elderly & orphaned and still have few million left over for me & family
    please someone give me $1 billion
    $1 dollar each from 1 billion people, that would work great

  2. It is another Armenicum gaga.

    All sheep are sold, most of the cheese is sold, all the metal is sold.
    Check this video to see what else has been sold. This is a scandal.

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