Russia’s Medvedev Held Scolding Session for Sargsian, Aliyev

Russia - Three presidents, Dmitry Medvedev of Russia, Serzh Sarkisian of Armenia, and Ilham Aliyev of Azerbaijan, meet in St. Petersburg, Russia, on the sidelines of the annual economic forum, 17Jun2010

Russia’s President Dmitri Medvedev unexpectedly called for a trilateral meeting with Presidents of Armenia and Azerbaijan in Russia’s Astrakhan, on October 27th, amid increasingly antagonistic statements by the two sides.

“At the talks the parties approved a joint statement. The document, which is humanitarian in purpose, has great importance for resolving the conflict in view of the various difficulties still apparent today in Azerbaijani-Armenian relations over the Nagorno-Karabakh issue,”  Dmitry Medvedev said after the meeting and added that the statement aims to bolster the ceasefire regime and strengthen confidence-building measures.

According to the statement, the Armenia’s Serge Sargsian  and Azerbaijan’s Ilham Aliyev have agreed that their first step would be an immediate exchange of prisoners of war and the return of the bodies of those killed.

Answering journalists’ questions after the meeting, Mr Medvedev noted that the general principles for settling the Nagorno-Karabakh problem could be drafted in time for the OSCE summit that will take place on December 1-2, 2010 in Astana. Today’s trilateral meeting was the seventh so far and the third this year.

The real purpose of the meeting

Russia’s Medvedev called Armenian and Azerbaijani president, after Ilham Aliyev said today’s Republic of Armenia, capital Yerevan were located on historical Azeri lands, to which Serzh Sargsian responded angrily, calling Azerbaijan a fascist country.

With the meeting, Medvedev reassured the international community, that Russia is the real power in the region. More importantly, Armenian and Azerbaijani presidents adopted a joint statement, despite the recent exchange of mutual insults and accusations. Clearly, that was forced too.

Generally, I suspect this wasn’t a meeting about peaceful regulation of Nagorno-Karabakh Dispute, but rather a scolding session, where Russia demonstrated some muscles.

PS: One of Armenian blogs brought this photo to my attention. Isn’t it funny how Sargsian and Aliyev have swapped places and are posting for a photo in front of each-others flags. That must have been quite some scolding by Medvedev to disorient them so hard!


14 thoughts on “Russia’s Medvedev Held Scolding Session for Sargsian, Aliyev

  1. …”capital Yerevan were located on historical Armenian lands, to which Serzh Sargsyan responded angrily, calling Azerbaijan a fascist country”….

    I dont understand, why would serjik perjik become angry at turk-liyev for stating the factual truth, indeed our Yerevan is located on our ancestral birthrightful historical lands. I would think that serjik perjik would praise turk-liyev for acknowledging that fact, or did I miss something in that paragraph?

    also this meeting is another publicity stunt, you actually believe that turk-liyev and serjik perjik hate each other? as I mentioned in my very 1st post on this blog-site via “dream team” post… politics is smoke & mirriors, it is a theatrics, nothing more than to FOOL the masses and control / use the medias to politicians’ advantage to keep everyone brainwashed. if politics was ‘genuine’ then turk-liyev would’ve already launched his 2nd phase of war on us 10-12 years ago (given permission by JEW.s.a. and JEWSrael of course) if politics was ‘genuine’ then robik bozik & serjik perjik would’ve killed LTP back in 2007 when he annoucned he would come out of so-called “hiding” and oppose the current regime. when will all of you wake-up and realize that politics is pyramid of sorts, each side needs each other to lean up against, to further their expansion of greed & control over “the peasants”…oops I mean “the people”

    • Andranik, thank you for pointing that out to me, it was a mistake. I’ve corrected it. Aliyev said that all the lands of modern Armenia were in fact Azerbaijani lands, so Serzh got pissed off.

      • @observer
        ah ok, I figured it was or that I missed something
        anyway, serjik perjik has to ‘pretend’ to be pissed off
        thats all part of the facade of politics….pretend, pretend, pretend
        you really believe perjik really cares if turk-liyev makes such statements
        how come LTP or robik bozik doesn’t come out to ‘pretend’ to be angry?
        because they DONT care, they know the reality of how it all works
        because THEY ARE the reality of how it all works

      • Surprising that he doesn’t get upset with them sniping on Armenian soldiers on the border but responds angrily to stupid remarks like that.

  2. @observer
    I dont know if you’re aware of this video footage of biden admitting that serjik perjik requested usa NOT to recognize genocide, this request came last year during the so-called “negotiations/protocols”
    Thanks biden and to that FAKE Armenian for recording and posting this video on youtube, to which now scummy azeris are downloading and re-posting it as to their advantage to piss on us even more now. it’s not enough we have this medicare fraud hanging over our heads, now this too…

    here’s the video re-posted by azeri scum “caspianreport”
    also, he has other videos denouncing ARMENIANS as a whole

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  4. I like Medvedev’s superhero posture in that leotard suit. Serjik’s disoriented and scruffy looks. Aliyev Jr’s glimps of smile in eyes.
    Photos can tell more than words.
    If we summarize the whole story:
    Medvedev showed that he is the master. He can summon those other two within hours. While it takes west months to organise a meeting.
    Aliyev proved that although he can be summoned but only when there is a good excuse and compromise i.e. Medvedev attended his fathers statue opening.
    Serj proved that not only he has nothing but also is nobody.

    • @Svejk jan
      you must be dreaming that medvedev is a master
      PUTIN is the master of all these losers
      PUTIN is their wizard (of oz) behind the curtain
      he pulls their strings and the ruling elite of the world pulls PUTINS
      subsequently the rulers of this planet could sit a lunch table and still have so much room to spare, that’s how few many people rule this world…13

      • I used Medvedev’s as an alternative to Moscow.
        On the other hand it is hard to tell if it is Putin or Medvedev. The resignation of Moscow veteran mayor Lujkov raise some questions. But that’s has nothing to do with Ditord’s article.

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