More YouTube Trouble: Armenia Denies Biden Statement

U.S. - Screenshot from YouTube video allegedly showing U.S. Vice President Joe Biden talking to representatives of Armenian community, 26Oct2010

Armenian President’s Office effectively said U.S. Vice President Joe Biden was lying, when saying that Serzh Sargsian had called him to ask not to push Armenian Genocide recognition while Armenia-Turkey talks were in progress.

Biden, who was filmed on a hidden camera, had told an Armenian community organizer, that the White House is not ‘backing off’ on Armenian Genocide recognition.

“The Turks have to come to the realization of what the reality is. And what we got to do is, you know, this….the compromise that was going on and being worked at for a while… Tell them that it was the Armenian President that called me and said “Look, do not force this issue now while we are in negotiations. We passed. That’s passed right now, so anyway, reality has a way of intruding,” VP Joe Biden says in the YouTube video published on Tuesday.

The Wednesday statement issued by President Serzh Sarkisian’s press secretary Armen Arzumanian said: “The president of the Republic of Armenia has never called United States Vice President Joe Biden. It was at the latter’s initiative that two telephone conversations took place in 2009 and during those conversations the president of the Republic of Armenia did not, directly or indirectly, make the expression that is ascribed to him on the video.”

Arzumanian also said that the administration of the Armenian president officially gives its consent to publishing the record of the telephone conversation in question.

Needless to say, that if this turned out to be true, it would mean that Serzh Sargsian had betrayed the Armenian Diaspora around the world and would be branded a ‘traitor’ by even those Armenians, who fully support normalization talks with Turkey.

The YouTube Perspective

As far as I can remember, this is the first time Armenian President’s Office is responding to a YouTube video. Mind you, the video was published by an anonymous source, using an anonymous account registered on the same day – October 26th.

Even if the video is genuine, it is clear, that Biden wasn’t aware he was on film. Moreover, his message was meant for the Armenian American voters ahead of key elections. It wasn’t an official statement, or anything. But the Armenian President’s office was literally forced to respond, because the timing of the video’s publication, if not accidental, is very interesting – Serzh Sargsian was heading to Astrakhan for Karabakh talks. The pressure was high, as it turned out, that Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev was invited not just for talks, but also for the opening of a memorial to his father, Heidar Aliyev in Astrakhan. So it looked somewhat humiliating for Armenia’s President to visit Astrakhan. Add to this the Biden video…

YouTube has been giving nightmares and creeps to the Armenian authorities this year. Earlier in Autumn, a video showing hazing in the Army forced the Defense Ministry take steps, a senior officer was discharged from office and will be facing trial. Another video showing a teacher beating a school child in class, resulted in teacher’s hasty resignation. It seems, that there’s a YouTube video ready to come round every other day and make Armenia a transparent country.

Notably, the Army hazing video was published by anonymous YouTube user martimek2008, while the recent anonymous one, sounds very similar – marty8465. The first username is clearly associated with Armenia’s radical opposition movement – Armenian National Congress, headed by First President Levon Ter-Petrossian. Just sayin’…


14 thoughts on “More YouTube Trouble: Armenia Denies Biden Statement

  1. …allegedly showing U.S. Vice President Joe Biden…
    How can it be “allegedly” , you can clearly see it’s him
    I mean he nor anyone else can deny that he is in the video

    Also, I did’nt know that serjik perjik was visiting Astrakhan for that scum azeri’s memorial, I thought it was for a memorial about us. WTF is he doing visiting azeri memorial to someone who wants to delete Armenia and all Armenians off this planet??? WoW…this definitely proves that politics is smoke n’ mirrors, no doubt he is a puppet of russia and azeri. well it goes to show that suspicions of robik bozik, serjik perjik, and LTP are really NOT geniunely Armenian, but cyrpto-khazar tukic masonic-jews…at least LTP is not secretive about it as he proudly wears his yalmulka in public, promotes zionism, judaism, and his masonic connections. and @ observer, I did’nt know you write for Azatutyun

  2. also, I forgot to mention that now my people in my homeland have to becareful when they do things because everyone in Hayastan and his mother have a cell phone w/ camera and will post their evidence on youtube for all to see. However, knowing my people, something tells me that video surveillence of them committing crimes and/or embarrassing themselves won’t stop them from continuing it

    • On the other hand this might lead to YouTube ban.
      What’s interesting is that there were only around 300 views of the video when the Baghramian 16 issued the statement. There should be some FB or blog buffs in that building :)

  3. I guess I didn’t express myself clearly. Serzh Sargsian wasn’t visiting Heydar Aliyev’s memorial. But on the day, when Medvedev called Arm. and Az. presidents to Astrakhan, he (Medvedev), had also planned the opening of a memorial to father Aliyev, to which son Aliyev was going to participate. So it seemed, like Russia was doing special honors to son – Ilham Aliyev, when calling Serzh and Ilham to Astrakhan.

    Sargsian opted out of the Heydar memorial opening, of course, by visiting an Armenian memorial in Astrakhan instead.

  4. Nothing to discuss here. The office gives it’s consent to publish both phone talks, period.

    I found your blog on

    • Instead of giving their concent they should have requested for publishing the phone conversation. Americans will not do it at least now, unless they are forced to or the time comes to it. Would ANCA or Dashnaktsutyun demand it? I doubt considering their history with Serjik since March 1.
      To whom I believe more Serj or Biden. Normally to neither of them but in comparison to Biden.
      The only thing that still buffles me is Sharl Aznavour. Why? Why did you need to get involved in all of this dirty business?

      • @payqar jan
        lets not forget anca turned HUGE blind-eye to March 1st 2008
        also, it is strongly rumored that hamparian (exec. director of anca) had said during a meeting….”what do I care about ‘those’ Armenians, they are all savages out there, let them kill each other, who cares”….he is known for being ANTI-Hayastanci and has strict rules for anca not to allow Hayastancis (who succeed in life) to get involved with anca on any level what so ever, unless you count those stancis who SELL OUT themselves to the FAKE Armenians. to which I’ve noticed that number is increasing every year. are REAL Armenians on verge of losing out to FAKE Armenians? that should be a topic for serious discussion, as all of this pertains to diasporans vs. Hayastancis

  5. hopefully this will be the downfall of serjik perjik and his regime
    because once everyone in Hayastan gets a whiff of this, they will demand a political hanging of him (although I opt for a physical hanging would be more appropriate). I suspect after what has taken places this past 2 years of how he has carried himself in the public eye, with diaspora, kissing ass to scummy turks/azeris, and now this video…that this years national telethon will not bring in the BIG BUCKS (as they say) into his pockets. although last year the FAKE Armenians threatened to boycott telethon due to the signing of protocols, and yet himnadram (aka: robik, serjik, ltp, and dodi’s private bank account) still collected shy of 15 million. maybe with all this evidence out there, people will wake-up and finally the truth, but I know Armenians very well (both FAKE & REAL) they’ll turn a blind-eye as they always have

  6. The U.S. Embassy in Yerevan issued the following statement today regarding the phone conversations of U.S. Vice President Joe Biden with Armenian President Serzh Sargsian:

    October 29, 2010

    The Vice President and President Sargsian spoke twice in April 2009. In these calls, the Vice President told President Sargsian the United States believes that the normalization of relations with Turkey and the opening of borders would provide a path to a better future for Armenia and expressed the support of the United States for his leadership. The Vice President expressed the Obama Administration’s support for a Swiss proposal for a joint Armenia-Turkish statement on progress made toward normalizing relations. President Sargsian did not raise the issue of the content of President Obama’s statement for Armenian Remembrance Day or seek a delay in consideration of House Resolution 252. Instead, the discussions between Vice President Biden and President Sargsian that were recently referenced by the Vice president were about the need to take immediate steps to improve Armenian-Turkish relations. The two leaders agreed that there should be no preconditions to normalizing relations between Armenia and Turkey.

    Փոխնախագահը և նախագահ Սարգսյանը 2009թ. ապրիլին երկու անգամ խոսել են: Այս խոսակցությունների ընթացքում փոխնախագահը ասել է նախագահ Սարգսյանին, որ Միացյալ Նահանգները հավատում է, որ Թուրքիայի հետ հարաբերությունների կարգավորումը և սահմանների բացումը ճանապարհ կհարթեն Հայաստանի ավելի լավ ապագայի համար և հայտնել է Միացյալ Նահանգների աջակցությունը նրա առաջնորդության համար: Փոխնախագահը հայտնել է Օբամայի վարչակազմի աջակցությունը հարաբերությունների կարգավորման ուղղությամբ առաջընթացի վերաբերյալ հայ-թուրաքական համատեղ հայտարարության մասին Շվեյցարիայի առաջարկին : Նախագահ Սարգսյանը չի խոսել Նախագահ Օբամայի ապրիլ 24-յան ուղերձի բովանդակության մասին և չի փորձել հետաձգել Ներկայացուցիչների պալատի 252 բանաձևի դիտարկումը: Ընհակառակը, փոխնախագահ Բայդենի և նախագահ Սարգսյանի միջև խոսակցությունները, որոնց վերջերս անդրադարձել է փոխնախագահ Բայդենը հայ թուրքական հարաբերությունները կարգավորելու համար անհետաձգելի քայլեր կատարելու անհրաժեշտության մասին էին: Երկու ղեկավարները համաձայնել են, որ հայ-թուրքական հարաբերությունները պետք է կարգավորվեն առանց նախապայմանների:

    • From the looks of it, they are pulling a technicality. They denials do not say that Serj did not say such a thing on the phone with Biden. They deny that he said that during his two one on one calls that Serj initiated. It could have been said in conference calls or any other phone calls.

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