Armenian Cheese Set to Loose Buyers?

I buy half a kilo of “Ashtarak Kat” company’s “Lori” cheese every week. Sometimes more, sometimes less.

Today I bought half a kilo of Ferndale cheese, because the figures never lie – Armenian cheese has become more expensive, than higher quality imported cheddar.

Specialists say the increase of the price of cheese in Armenia is due to the increase in the price of milk, although some disagree.

From my perspective, it doesn’t matter what’s the reason of 40-50% price increase for Armenian cheese. I want value for money and I’ll keep buying imported cheese for under 2500 AMD ($7 US) per kilo and won’t buy local cheese for 2800 AMD ($8 US), because Armenian cheese I’m offered for more expensive price is much worse in terms of quality. I was only buying Armenian cheese because it cost 1800 AMD ($5) or less, but recent price-hikes have totally beat the point.

Experience tells me however, that Armenian cheese makers won’t bring down the price to compete effectively in the free market, because there isn’t one. Instead, they’ll hold behind the scenes talks with cheese importers and make sure the prices of imported cheese will go up as well. Or they’ll buy them out. And the state regulator will cover them up, saying ‘its just free market’, ‘we have no authority over it’, etc. Sure, ’cause the bribes are out for the grabs…

Today’s cheese purchase, above all, tells me how rotten this country really is. I’m totally loosing patience!

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15 thoughts on “Armenian Cheese Set to Loose Buyers?

    • Adrineh, that was very secret indeed, this post has already been read by 143 ppl, and will get 200 more hits by the end of day :)))

  1. As a cheese afficiando I have to say that sometimes I think of the Lori cheese.

    BTW, do they still sell the kind of string cheese that is green in color and molded? I think what they did was to bury the cheese under ground in a clay pot to age. That was my favorite type of cheese when growing up closely followed by blue cheese and Lori cheese as a distant 3-rd.

  2. mafia at its finest in our homeland
    doesn’t kextot dodi own 1 or 2 cheese factories there??
    I’m sure he and the others have alot to do with this price increasing

    jaaaaaaaaan mer Hayastani panirner
    amena hamov u hotov panirner
    iriv mer Haykakan paniric lav@ ch’ka eli
    Observer, I’ll buy you all the cheeses you want
    tell me where I can send you the money so you can live in cheese fanatasy

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