Today’s Motivator: The Future

Photo from Stanley Bronstein

The Inquisitorial made my life brighter today – thank you for that The Inquisitorial!

Life is a theater; yes, i don’t know my script by heart, but I know my role in the play…


Today, but especailly last months, I realize the and “see” the brightness of my future. I work hard on the coming time that is going to bring the results of my current efforts. I am stressd, but not lost. The sunny idea of my future is too divine, no, not overestimated, but divine in a way I make it with my efforts. There is nothing unusual to be a little dreamy, or a bit more optimistic.

Optimism… today we lack optimism. I am tired of seeing dull faces in muddy streets, I am tire of evil, banal speeches that so sharply hurt my ears. I rather be deaf or blind than be the witness of malignancy. Is this the future? Yes, untill we walk carelessly, avoiding each other, not seeing light that is still sparkling somewhere inside.


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