Lake Sevan: Government’s Rescue Plan Gone Bad

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In an attempt to save Lake Sevan from drying out and turning into a swamp, the Armenian government undertook in 2000 a dramatic rise of water level in the country’s largest water reservoir. Plans are working, water is rising, but the ‘rescue’ part is somehow failing spectacularly…

Shrinkage of the lake had begun in 1950s, when Soviet governments ruthlessly used the water for irrigation, generating electricity, striving to meet the “5 year economic plans in 4 years” and building a bright communism future.

Environmentalists had long warned that Sevan’s enlargement is the only way of saving its endangered ecosystem.

Armenia -- Lake Sevan, undated

The picturesque lake, which has a total surface of almost 1,000 square kilometers, has since been mainly swollen by two underground tunnels pumping water from mountain rivers. The government’s decision to cut back on use of Sevan’s waters for power generation and irrigation has also greatly contributed to rise of water level, which has soared by at least 3 meters over the past decade and currently stands at just over 1,900 meters above the sea level. About half of the surge has occurred in the last three years.

Under the government’s long-term rehabilitation program, Sevan is to rise by another 3.5 meters by 2029. It envisages that further growth will be less drastic and average roughly 20 centimeters per annum.

The process, strongly supported by Armenian ecologists, has created a separate environmental problem threatening to turn the hitherto clean lake into a swamp. Sevan’s rising waters have submerged large swathes of shore covered with man-made forests.

The state-run Sevan National Park and regional authorities failed to fully cleanse land of trees and other vegetation on time, despite funds allocated by the central government. State prosecutors launched last month criminal proceedings into the alleged misappropriation of those funds by officials and private contractors.

Now the government has purchased special equipment from Finland used for uprooting trees and that it will be delivered to Armenia later this month. It remains to be seen, how this new rescue plan will turn out.

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4 thoughts on “Lake Sevan: Government’s Rescue Plan Gone Bad

  1. this is our Sevanalich, we must love it and save it for the sake of our homeland and her ecosystem. if there is something I can do to help, please let me know. there is a song about Sevan, I forget who sings it, but it’s a beautiful song that I yearn for long to listen.

    that scumbag turk-liyev once said…
    “when we take back Artsakh from those Ermenis, I’m going to invade Armenia and wash my feet in their Sevan”

    Come on over turk-liyev, my Sevan is waiting for you
    so is her soilders !!!!!

  2. why do you people always like to engage in hyperbole?

    with nonsensical titles like Government’s Rescue Plan Gone Bad. This is the same kind of sick attitude that is so prevalent in US. like Is it because to make your “article s” more

    The government has taken the admirable step years ago to raise the level to it’s historic levels. as to turn the lake into a swap is as usual another of your completely unfounded irresponsible claims.

    i for one is very sick and tired of your cynical manipulation of real facts.

    • The government has taken the admirable step years ago.

      Then, other corrupt assholes in government misused the money allocated to cleaning areas remaining under water. They went out and bought expensive cars and built mansions for themselves. That’s what I call Gone Bad. And it sounds good, I like it.

      Where’s the ‘cynical manipulation’?

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