Armenian Criminals Go Sophisticated, Hi-Tech and… Nuclear

The 18 grams of powder that were hidden in a lead-lined cigarette box so they could be smuggled past radiation detectors on the borders of the former Soviet Union. (c) Photo from

Armenian criminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated and hi-tech, with the recent list of adventures including a $160 Million Medicare fraud in U.S., 29 million strong botnet of virus-inflicted computers around the world and now an attempt to sell 18 grams of weapon-grade, highly enriched uranium.

Highly enriched uranium was smuggled from Armenia to Georgia in a lead-lined cigarette packet in March. Two men involved in transporting the substance were arrested in April.

In a closed hearing, Sumbat Tonayan, a former dairy factory owner and Hrant Ohanian, a retired nuclear physicist from a science institute in Armenia, pleaded guilty to smuggling the 90 per cent-enriched uranium from the Armenian capital Yerevan to Tbilisi. They face 10 years in jail. It remains unclear whether the 18g of uranium contained in the cigarette packet was a sample of a larger shipment, which has yet to be located.

Before his arrest, Tonoyan suggested to an undercover agent that he had more uranium to sell. Investigators are now working to determine the origins of the radioactive material.

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4 thoughts on “Armenian Criminals Go Sophisticated, Hi-Tech and… Nuclear

    • It’s being reported because the enriched uranium and other radioactive material obtained by the Muslim extremists will eventually be used against the US and Western European countries.

      Unfortunately, this is the second highly publicized event when we see Armenian nationals being implicated in a scheme to sell weaponry to the islamists.

  1. jaaaaaaaaaan, ara dont mess with us Hays ha
    we’ll nuke your ass, lmfaoooooooooo
    anyway, if these 2 guys were smart they should’ve smuggled it to iran, ahmedinejad would pay top dollar for it.
    now this news will circulate, gain traction, and we will be labed as bush said it: “axis of evil”

  2. This story was reported back in April 2010, without mentioning Armenia or Armenians. I do not recall reports about the smugglers being Armenians. See here: , here (look at picture of Medvedev and Sarkozy in this link): and here: . In the third link, “Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili implied that the HEU is somehow connected with Russia and the breakaway regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia — areas that he termed “black holes””, even though the source of the HEU batch seized during the March operation had not been determined yet but the people involved had been arrested.

    Now it is being publicized, emphasizing Armenians and photographs of Sumbat Tonoyan and Hrant Ohanyan are posted on The Guardian, here:

    There have been numerous reports about attempts of smuggling enriched uranium in various countries by various nationals but this particular case is being publicized now about Armenians being involved. Authorities must have known at the time of the arrests or soon thereafter that the smugglers were Armenians. Also, threat of “terrorism” existed then. Why are they now publicizing the nationality of the smugglers as Armenians? Is there something bigger in the planning for Armenia and/or its neighboring country, Iran? Recently, Georgia and Iran signed an agreement for visa-free borders travels which is very puzzling considering the influence of USA and Israel in Georgia, arming and training Georgian troops, the construction of the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline which excludes Iran and Russia, Georgian troops serving in Iraq under US command who had to be flown back to Georgia by USA to fight Russia over South Ossetia, and some government officials in Georgia having dual citizenships of Georgia and Israel.

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