Bring Water to Artsakh with a Text Message

More than 200 Villages in the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic are in desperate need of drinking water. But YOU can change all that with just ONE text message.

Armenia Fund will be accepting donations through cell phone text messages throughout the entire territory of the United States on all mobile carriers for its ‘Water is Life’ 2010 Telethon.

Text “Armenia” to 50555 with your cell phone to donate $10 to the “Water is Life” Telethon and help us develop Artsakh’s water supply infrastructure.

The procedure is simple: text message the word “Armenia” to 50555, confirm with a YES and $10 will be charged to your cell phone bill benefiting Armenia Fund’s 2010 Water is Life Telethon.

Raising funds for drinking water and irrigation projects in Artsakh, Armenia Fund’s International Thanksgiving Day 2010 Telethon will air live from Hollywood on November 25, 8:00AM-8:00PM PST, coast-to-coast and around the world. Airing for 12 hours, Telethon 2010 will reach every continent, entering Armenian homes through satellite, cable and the internet.

In Southern California, the Telethon can be seen on KSCI Channel 18, KVMD, ARTN/Shant and USArmenia networks for full 12 hours. In the Glendale/Burbank/Pasadena/La Canada areas the Telethon broadcast will also be shown on AABC, HighVision and Horizon Armenian TV channels. A live 12 hour webcast can also be viewed at


11 thoughts on “Bring Water to Artsakh with a Text Message

  1. this is good for those who dont log onto to the website and/or call in to donate, but this might back fire on AF. if those who use text to donate lousy pocket-change $10, then it might refrain them from giving their usual (on average) $500 donation as they do via phone-in or internet.
    then again if it backfires that might be a good thing, considering that it’s no secret AF is a maifa gov’t sponsored org and that robik/serjik, levon , & kextot dodi use it as their own personal ATM
    maybe no million dollar bonuses this year for the ruling elite??

    ON A RELATED NOTE: ealier this year american red cross used this same donation method and collected $1 billion dollars for the haitian earthquake relief fund. if anyone wants to help me collect $1 billion via a “text in your donation” method, we can use that money to seriously help Hayastan and even pay off the mafia criminals to get the hell out of our homeland.
    $1 dollar from 1 billion people, I think its doable.
    you have any idea how many ppl text every day all over the world

    • Dear All,

      I suggest to repost this message several times, and involve as many people as possible. Judging from the Azerbaijan preparations and rhetoric – the chances of a new war in Karabakh are very high.

      Two numbers: dollar amount and the number of participants might be more valuable from political point of view – it will send a message to Azerbaijan that diaspora is behind Armenia. It might be a very strong restraining preventive measure that should be used – irrespective of your opinion on this. Even if this might sound not very convincing and only 50% true – its worth and easier to prevent the hostilities than trying to handle the war, which will one or another way influence diaspora as well.

      I made my donations both online and through SMS. Send this message to your friends – help this cause. Its for the motherland and not for the government or “bad” people.

      Respectfully, Aram Hakopian

      • @AH
        if the money does not go to gov’t or the “bad” ppl, then tell us why is it rk-ss take from the funds? why does AF only spend 10-20% of its collected donations on the dilapitated towns & villages? why is it AF pays the likes of mark geragos (who happens to sit on the board of AF) $100k for the 3-6 hours he is on tv begging ppl to give? and YES Armenia Fund pays him 100k every year he comes, so dont dare deny that. he is big shot hollywood-celebrity lawyer, he does not do ANTYHING FOR FREE. why do fake Armenians control AF and not the stancis? yah, there is always secret ulterior motive/agenda when it comes to the big money rolling in. you all act as if we can’t find out what really goes on in AF, when in fact its 1 of your own who is involved in AF that leaks out this info to us. you ask ppl in Yerevan what they think of AF, 6-7 out of 10 will tell you (under their breaths) that it’s not what it seems and its a personal bank account for rk-ss-dodi regime. how else you think they got rich? by working hard for it?? OMG dont make lmfao so hard ha !

        also, its no secret that a dozen of the AF leadership are washing their money thru this supposed NON-profit org. one thing I’ve learned in my life is that when it comes to Armenians (whether real or fakes) there is NO such thing as NON-profit. Armenians = 100% profit every time, all the time. with out profit there would be NO diaspora, NO wealthy & powerful leadership, NO churches, NO schools, NO anything. there would be NO blog for you to post your comments on. so when they say: yes yes we are NON-profit, I will reply: sure sure and I can walk on water, wanna see?

        ppl if you want to give your money where at least we know the money is being spent to revitalize villages/towns and the ppl, give to COAF, give to Tufenkian Foundation, give to Ara Manookian (SNFF), give to those NGO’s who actually help the ppl of Hayastan, rather than just build north-to-south highways and then say: oh wow, we did alot. yah sure, like building one or two semi-large highways is alot. the ppl of Hayastan need water, foods, homes, schools, electricity, heat, JOBS, buisness, the basic things of life. I would rather drive my little cheap ruskie-made barely working avto mekena on a dilapitated dirt pot-holed road, than not have drinking/cooking/bathing water, or food, or electricity/heat, or a JOB that pays out properly. ppl can live with sh**ty roads & paths, but they can not live with out the basic necessities of life. this is 21st century, not the 12th

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  3. Azerbaijan channels billions of oil dollars into military preparations, ammunition and infrastructure. During previous months they openly declared that will start the war if Armenia will not surrender Karabakh, and judging from preparations these are not just words.

    Previous years passive participation during Teleton was not a problem, Armenia was able to take care of Karabakh needs. But today – we should demonstrate solidarity and extraordinary behaviour, as our solidarity may restrain the enemy.

    $100 donation is just a lunch for some – its not a big deal, but today such a donation will have a very significant symbolic value, significantly more than just $100, as one should demonstrate that diaspora is behind Armenia. Both to Azerbaijan and to other countries.

    Aram Hakopian

  4. Andranik, perhaps some money is spent on this and that, organization and services. I guess only the court may decide if the money is misappropriated or not. And I have nothing in common with the organizers.

    Even if it is so and only 50%-70% reaches destination – I repeat again, $20mln of collected money is not a big sum for Armenia – the important message is to demonstrate that diaspora is behind Armenia. By arguing and making a big deal out of $100 possible donation – you become one of those you mention – careless of the cause.

    Armenia borrows in hundreds of millions each year. The budget is $2.5 billion. So I dont believe in your “pessimistic” numbers but I believe that there are people and countries interested in spreading such rumors and discord among armenians. Its very easy to be manipulated.

    Once again $20mln possible collected money is not a big sum but its importance is very high this year.

    $20mln – its $100 from 200,000 people.

    Regards, David

  5. And I agree, that control should be improved, may be channeled through the organizations you mentioned. Then someone else will claim that Tufenkian etc foundations are also corrupt. Its perfect strategy to excuse yourself for doing nothing.

    My point is that its not about “how the funds will be spent”, its about how much collected and how many participated.

    On another note, this organization is US-based – One can always inquiry IRS etc on checking the spending profile. So I would encourage people to donate.

    Last year US collected less than $2mln out of $15mln. Its shame.

    Regards, Aram

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