Armenian Opposition Promotes Racism Again

Armenia’s radical opposition movement – Armenian National Congress (HAK), which has traditionally positioned itself as a liberal political force, has for long been promoting racism and hate-speech. A recent manifestation of such racist attitudes by the key opposition force led by Ex-President Levon Ter-Petrossian, could be seen on last Friday’s protest action staged by HAK activists in front of the General Prosecutor’s Office to voice their support for jailed oppositionists.

Admittedly, the protesters had gathered for a very just cause. They were holding posters reading “Where are the murderers of March 1?” and chanting slogans, like “We demand free independent Armenia!,” “Release political prisoners!,” “Punish killers!” and “Nikol, Nikol, keep your hands off Nikol!”

The opposition claims there are 12 political prisoners in Armenia. They may have a case, because most of those people were jailed after March 1, 2008 violence in Yerevan, following the clash of opposition supporters with the police and security forces which left 10 dead. The trials of the oppositionists were far from being fair, they were often charged based on police testimony. However, major international organizations, as well as foreign governments have so far avoided calling them political prisoners.

The immediate reason for Friday’s demonstration were the claims, that the jailed oppositionist Nikol Pashinian, editor in-chief of a radical newspaper “Haykakan Zhamanak”, has been attacked and harassed in prison.

During the protest action police surrounded the entrance of the General Prosecutor’s Office, not allowing demonstrators to approach the building.

Prominent opposition activist Vardges Gaspari, also a former prisoner, known for his scandalous behavior, provoked the police with offensive words. When the police tried to push him away, the oppositionist did his usual trick – fell  down on the ground. In response, the demonstrators attacked the police, chanting slogans “Turks, Turks”, meaning to be and sound very offensive.

HAK coordinator Levon Zurabyan soothed the crowd, calling for a “civilized struggle.”

The “Turks, Turks” chant angered me however. Only days ago HAK leader Levon Ter-Petrosian was branding President Serzh Sargsian and the ruling Republican party as ‘fascist’, and now, there you go – using ‘Turks’ as offensive word by his very supporters.

Admittedly, HAK tried to calm down the crowd. But the reality is Levon Ter-Petrossian started this racist approach in his numerous speeches by introducing the term “Tatar-Mongols” to describe the Armenian government, calling their actions worse than what “Turks” have been doing to the Armenian nation and bringing a sharp division between Armenians from Karabakh and Armenia proper.

This is especially sad, because two other opposition forces, Armenian Revolutionary Federation (Dashnaktsution) and “Zharangutyun” (Heritage), both are quite nationalist in their stance, so for liberal and tolerant people like myself, there doesn’t seem to be any option in the opposition at the moment.


41 thoughts on “Armenian Opposition Promotes Racism Again

  1. yet another quite on-the-mark, albeit depressing, post… ;(
    vay Arter jan vay, es inch mtqeri mech es yngel verchers, ha?

  2. and imagine, many who read/post comment on this blog are labeling me as a “turk” for exposing the truth amongst fake & real Armenians’ division. At least I dont try to get ppl on my side by manipulation and making empty meaningless political promises. LTP is the turk-jew agent here. Anyone who is on his side needs a serious mental overhaul. I mean it makes sense for the fake Armenians (aka: gor gor davachans) to back him secretly via financially/supportively, but it makes NO sense for our own to be with this turk-jew agent pretending to be genuine Armenian. Don’t ppl remember what he did to us in the 90’s?? or are they so misdirected by their hatred for rk/ss regime that they can’t bother to realize that LTP is just doing what he is paid/told to do….to agigtate the crowd !

    also, if I was police in Armenia I would not try to supress any protestors of any kind on any level. I believe in freedom of speech (whether pos or neg), that includes protesting. I am an advocate for protesting, but I would never protest my own homeland (as we saw in 2009 by fake Armenians across the world) it’s one thing that real Armenians (in or outside of our homeland) protest this mafia oppressive regime, it’s another when we see our “true” internal enemies who hate & discriminate on us stancis protesting our homeland to which they don’t even belong to or have any business with. you all think that those scummy turks are the real threat?? ara I’m lmfao at them, no turk is a threat to any real Armenian. we took down their donkey cousins to the east of us, believe me when I express to you all that our external enemies are not that much of a threat to us than that of our internal (both local and abroad)

    and as for this Nikol bullsh*t, when will you all stop believing LTP and his made-up propaganda??? Nikol is doing fine in jail (that’s if he really is in jail) he is another LTP turk-jew agent pawn getting paid handsomely to do what he is told to do. if all this political smoke n’ mirrors was such a genuine, than why did he come out of hiding knowing that he would be jailed??? I mean really, who and what stanci (in or out of Hayastan) would turn himself into authorities??? anyone?? yah, thats what I thought ! So we can all be rest assured Niko not being attacked/harrassed by anyone and is most likely living it up comfortably some where that none of us will ever see. also, there are more than 12 poli-prisoners. in March 2008 it was closer to 100. there have only been a 2 dozen releases since then, so how can it be 12??

    BTW: I love, respect, and support my fellow Hays in our beautiful wonderful Arcax. anyone who is trying to bring any sort of division between Arcax and our Mayr Hayastan is to be considered an “enemy of the state” …ala LTP

    • Andranik jan, though I read your comments with great interest and appreciate your input, really, I think the racist language we could do without. Especially as a comment to a post that specifically condemns racism in Armenian circles.

    • “You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.” Gandhi

      Racist rhetoric is reprehensible; it’s an infection throughout the region that sadly seeps through all political affiliations. Rather than exacerbating it, though, Levon Zurabyan was trying to stop it, if I understand Artur correctly. Unlike the Dashnaks, no one was burning Turkish flags; unlike either Sargsyan or Aliyev, no one was making bellicose statements about going to war; unlike Prosperous Armenia Party members, they are not spending dubious fortunes building neo-Roman villas. And as you know, Uzogh, Aram Manukyan signed a human rights cooperation agreement with his counterparts in Azerbaijan and Georgia, something no one in the ruling coalition or its appendages has any interest in pursuing.

      You move forward by praising good actions, condemning bad ones, and most of all, by participating in societal choices–democracy demands that you be a ‘we,” not a “they.” Just wondering–perhaps HAK might be open to a back-and-forth meeting with bloggers where you frankly discuss some of your concerns? Worth a try, I’d think…

      • >> Unlike the Dashnaks, no one was burning Turkish flags; unlike either
        >> Sargsyan or Aliyev, no one was making bellicose statements about going
        >> to war; unlike Prosperous Armenia Party members, they are not
        >> spending dubious fortunes building neo-Roman villas.
        Which one of the listed is racist behavior?

        I will forward condemning scoundrels, Ani, leaving to you the unpleasant job of whitewashing them.

        >> Just wondering–perhaps HAK might be open to a back-and-forth
        >> meeting with bloggers where you frankly discuss some of your
        >> concerns?
        It’s a great idea. I will frankly welcome such practice. But I’m pretty sure, that they would not.

        • Hmm…burning the Turkish flag? C’mon, hatred of Turks is the whole reason for the Dashnak party’s continued existence! As for the ruling Republican party, the icy Aryan purity of its website speaks for itself.

          Then there is the continual anti-Semitic harping on the fact that Levon Ter-Petrossian has a Jewish wife and thus a half-Jewish son. In fact, one Sargsyan supporter nicknamed “Uzogh” made a video at a rally of the Armenian Opposition in 2008 where many foreign flags were flown, but only the Israeli flag is spectacularized:

          Where’s that guy now, I wonder? ;)

          • Burning turkish flag has nothing to do with hatred to turks. Whila flag is the symbol of state, hatred to turks is racism. Anyway – burning the flag is something, that is not punished in US. That’s why I’m pretty sure, that it has nothing common with racism.

            Uzogh (and of course it’s me) have never supported Sargsyan. I have voted for dashnaks all of the time, and clearly stated it.

            While you reckon that this video is anti-semitic, Jewish community in Armenia, in its official statement dated 4th March 2008 have found nothing anti-semitic in this video.
            So please, do not try to go personal, Ani. Stay in topic, and keep calm, otherwise, I will have to conclude, that you have spared all your arguments.

          • Rubik-jan, I wasn’t even going to comment on this post, but you begged so forlornly…are the Dashnaks really so lonely for conversation? ;) And I wouldn’t want you to think that your video masterpiece had been forgotten!

            One thing we do agree on: LTP should never appear on the American TV show “So You Think You Can Dance?” :))

  3. I agree. Calling somebody a Turk doesnt sound good however we shouldn’t forget that Turks are still considered enemies of Armenia. For many Armenians Turks are still asociated with brutality as Nazis are asociated with consentration camps for many jews and polish The denial of 1915 genocide by many turks doesnt make the situation easier.

    As for mongol-tatar it was not the people who were called like that but the policies and actions of the regime which to tell the truth in many ways is similar to the historical behavior of the Mongol-tatar khanate. I think Levon TP should have been careful in his comparisons as things can get easily misinterpreted and misused. I see that after that e stopped making such comparisons.
    I think Levon TP’s last speech was one of his best. It was the first time that somebody in Armenia had the courage to talk about fascism and racism publicly. He might loose some of is audience but he gave them something to think about.

    • >> I see that after that e stopped making such comparisons.
      Of course he stopped. But his puppets in front of GPO – didn’t. And that’s the case.

      • Read my 1st paragraph again. It’s amongst many Armenians regardless their political views to associate turks with barbarism and brutality. And by the way not only to Armenians, if you open an old Oxford dictionary you can see the same association. So there is some world history behind it.

        I wouldn’t call these people puppets. Maybe a little bit too much emotional but definitely not puppets. Puppets dont have principles, these people have.

        • So what?
          You are saying, that racist comparisons, practices and wordings are widespread. Nobody denies it, but does it excuse all those people chanting racist slogans during political performance?
          And please do not forget, that it was the Fuhrer of ANC, who have provided those puppets people with principles with racist wordings in early 2008, and his followers have easily adopted and enjoyed such slogans.

          • Uzogh I tried very hard to have a normal discussion with you. It is pointless. It seems you don’t have the ability to listen. However I am not surprised. What puzzles me is that suddenly you became a humanist,- the protector of Turks. It puzzled me because last week you were advocating to kill Azeri POWs. In April you and your comrades were burning Turkish flags over the flames of Tsitsernakaberd. In 2008 you were convincing people that the Opposition Movement was a Zionist movement. I haven’t followed your other bright ideas so I am sure there are many in there. Enigma, that’s the word. Or maybe a big flip-flop? you found your right place, dashnaktsutyun.

  4. >> Uzogh, you defend the turks so much. Are you by any chance a Turk?
    You’ve again gone personal, nazarian.
    It’s really funny to see, how are you trying to insult people, when you have no argument.

    • Actually, you have answered what I wanted to see. It’s a common insult to call someone a turk and when the police were called turks, it was not racism but a commonly accepted method of defining a certain, socially deviant behavior that the police were/are engaged in towards the opposition.

      Nothing personal against you, uzogh, just trying to see your opinion.

  5. Ditord
    Your title selection does not reflect the reality. It is not impartial and one would call biased. You achieved by capturing attention however on the journalistic point of view I dont find it ethical.
    Some chants can not be called promoting as there is nothing PR in them. Also the voices of few emotional ladies can not be called voices of the opposition as a whole.

  6. >> What puzzles me is that suddenly you became a humanist,- the protector of
    I’m trying to protect my society from the people, who think in racist terms. I can bring to your memory Takanqs, Gharabaghtsis and Mongol-tatars. So if I do not like the way ANC injects the racism into to the brains of the people with principles, I become the protector of Tatar-Mongols?
    No. I just do not like how ANC promotes racism.

    >> In April you and your comrades were burning Turkish flags over the
    >> flames of Tsitsernakaberd.
    Please provide the audience with proof of your words. The best proof is of course photo of me burning the turkish flag.

    >> In 2008 you were convincing people that the Opposition Movement was
    >> a Zionist movement.
    Please provide the proof of your words – smth, that I’ve written with mentioning ANC as Zionist movement.

    It is really easy to spread lies, payqar.
    Let us continue after the provision of proofs of your words.

    • I think you dont know what racism is. Any insult is racism to you. You mentioned the word Takanq. I didnt know that there is a society named takanq. Maybe they are anew social class, or nation that I am not aware of? As for Turks and Mongol-tatars I tried to explain it continuesly but as I knew you have comprehension difficulties.

      As for the prooves.
      Burning of the Turkish flag. It was a high level dashnaktsutyun action which was repeated continuesly. And I am sure will be done this year as well. As a memeber of Dashnaktsutyun you also bear the responsibility. It doesnt matter if you, yourself phisically put the flag on flames or not. Your comrades did and your leadership approved it. There are many photos and at least a video in Internet.

      The same is for calling the opposition Zinonists. You party leadership did and your friends did. I guess Pigh was in skies and ahousekeeper was teh brain behindchild it. That’s good enough.
      I know what you will write now. To prevent that for your information I dont belong to any political party and I am not a HAK member either. I dont have any rasict or fascist friends either. I might be able to stand biggotry and idiocity but I can not stand racism and fascism.

      By the way I just came across this.
      Էդվարդ Նալբանդյանի այս դիտարկմանը հետեւեց Աժ նախագահ Հովիկ Աբրահամյանի ռեպլիկը` թուրքը մնում է թուրք, ի՞նչ անենք։

      maybe this is normal as it didnt come out of a HAK supporter.

      • By saying Takanq – your Fuhrer referred to his political rival and tat rival’s supporters. I really liked, that you didn’t mentioned Gharabaghtsis. It means, that you accept my example, and have nothing to reply.

        I do not belong to any political party too. So all your time, spent for shit-showering Dashnaks is just wasted. ;)

        Hovik Abrahamyan is out of my business, and I’m not member of his fan club. My criticism for racists does not limited only by opposition. His remerk is a stupid one, and may be considered a racist one. And I frankly condemn it.

        • I am 1/8th Garabaghtsi myself and dont think it is an insult. However I dont belong to Gharabagh Klan which robes people regardless their geographic location, e.g. Yerevan or Stepanakert. I think many things Levon TP said were misunderstood and misused against him. Ironically misused by people who dislike him because his wife is Jewish.

          Takank can be translated to loodham or something like that. It is an insult but not a racist one. I still dont think that you understand what racism is. You can refer to dictionary.

          You blog is very dashnak like.

    • I quicly digged your blog and came across this:
      During that 6-7 seconds that you noted there was a Israeli flag. Which was edited in the clip continuously. Yes there was an Israeli flag flown that day but there were other flags as well. Let’s not kid ourselves, we knew well the intention behind that clip and why you posted that entry.

      • So can you show me the exact place, where I have named the opposition a Zionist movement?
        Or no?
        Can you show any proof, that I was burning turkish flag?
        I’m waiting for the proofs or your excuses.

        • You still have the hardship to listen:
          I said:
          “Let’s not kid ourselves, we knew well the intention behind that clip and why you posted that entry.”
          That’s enough to prove that you are a classic biggot.

          You carefully skip the points that are not suitable to you. Any discussion with you is waste of time.
          I wouldnt surprised if you call me racist because I called you a biggot :)
          As for calling you dashnaktsakan by mistake I wouldnt applogise as you might take it a racist remark againts dashnaktsakans. :)

  7. akh akh akh akh, I suppose I’ll have to be the voice of reality here
    yes ANC is a zionist movement, henc why it was founded by LTP (the khazar/turq-jew zionist agent, who happnes to be in cohoots with rk/ss/dodi and their cronies) and dont deny the reality , indeed LTP is a crypto-jew pretending to be the identity of his host nation. there are millions of crypto-jews around the globe who are in powerful-influential positions at every level of gov’t/orgs and in whatever else that serves their purpose to fulfill their zionist-masonic agenda
    also, I as a genuine real Armenian would happily burn the turq flag on the genocide memorial flame or any other flame presented in front of me
    hating a turq for being a turq is one thing, hating turqs for being the enemy of Armenians and what they did to us is another, and any Armenian who denies hating a turq is either 1 of 2 things: you are a turq loving bastard agent or you not a real Hay.
    I dont hate jews for being jewish, they want to believe in their religious/social beliefs, ara that’s their business and I will respect that. I dont interfere in such things, but I do hate jews for doing what they do to this world. bringing much hate & discrimination to the world, oppression, suppression, depression and any other negative essions you can think of.
    LTP is another zionist soilder backed by JEWsrael to do what he is ordered to do. and in return he is rewarded with wealth & power. dont think for a seconds that ltp/rk/ss/dodi (and whomever else involved in their zionist enterprise) are not in the same boat, because they absolutely are. politics is smoke n’ mirrors baby, it’s all a theatrics. those of you who refuse to see & accept that deserve to be played by the puppeteers pulling the strings

  8. Uzogh Jannn
    your wrote

    My intentions is smth that are out of your business, payqar.

    You have written
    >> In 2008 you were convincing people that the Opposition
    >>Movement was a Zionist movement.
    I’m awaiting your excuses for lies here.

    I already answered to that. But let me elaborate further:
    It was your clear intention by posting that video and pointing to the 6-7 minutes when Israeli flag was flown. You just acknowledged that by telling that it’s now not my business. Therefore I didn’t lied and there is no reason for me to apologise. Don’t ever dare calling me a liar!
    P.S. you contradict yourself continuously. There is no point to discuss anything with you. Either you are confused, or you think you are smarter than others.

    • You clearly stated that I was convincing people, that opposition is Zionist. You still hadn’t shown me the proof.
      You were not talking about intentions, you were talking about exact steps. So do not try to hide your lies referring to my intentions.

      Be the man of a word, and write your apologies for this case, and for the statement with Turkish flag here.
      It’s your last chance, Dude.

  9. >> Memories…. 2 years and 20 weeks ago and everybody still has the same
    >> opinions… Forward, Armenia! >> http://h nazari an.blogs
    >> asses-itself-with-idiotic.html
    I really like when LTP’s zealots are calling them everybody.
    Of course that everybody does not include Armenian Jewish community, as I’ve told you earlier.

  10. “bringing a sharp division between Armenians from Karabakh and Armenia proper.”

    I’m amazed at how much LTP/HAK are blamed for this. It’s the equivalent of blaming the journalists who report about the brutality against Armenians in Moscow for inciting anti-Russian sentiments. Just because LTP talks about the divisions and the distrust doesn’t mean he creates/perpetuates them.

  11. Ev sa kochvum e khaghagh cuycer? Sa mi khelagarnei ambogh e. And what does it mean that they are Turks. How pathetic. Armenian’s from Arcakh are Turks, Armenians from Meghri are Iranians (I have met Armenians like that). What is next? Opposition complains about police officers and blames for Mart 1 events but I have seen videos where 40-50 people violently were beaten one policeman, broke and burned cars and were armed with stones. Why does opposition think that Nicol Pashinian and others should not be punished for all that?

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