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My younger son is turning 2 today. Daddy’s pride, daddy’s boy!!! Can there be anything more gratifying, than watch two charming little angles grow up, turn 2, turn 10, go to school, army, university… make a family? And yet, I am troubled and depressed today, because I’m uncertain about my country’s future and all I see is a dim and flickering light at the end of the tunnel.

Armenian economy is slowly recovering from a steep downturn, which resulted in a 14.4% GDP decline last year. This year the economy is expected to grow 4.5 percent. Big businesses and oligarchs don’t seem to have reasons to withdraw their support for President Serzh Sargsian, despite constant criticism of economic policies from the radical opposition Armenian National Congress (HAK) and a mild power-struggles between the two main forces in the country’s ruling coalition – the Republican party and the “Bargavach Hayastan” (Prosperous Armenia or BHK) party. Social tensions triggered by economic downturn are easing too, and with the external factors becoming more favorable, seems like the main challenge to the incumbent authorities, the economy, won’t pose further danger in the next three-four years.

Sargsian and his Republican party don’t have any serious political opponents either. The upcoming parliamentary and presidential elections in 2012 and 2013 respectively, will most probably end in their ‘landslide’ victories. Those might be followed by more opposition rallies, protest actions and negative assessments by international organizations re the state of democracy, but who cares?

BHK party, which could be the only real challenge for Republicans in terms of financial and administrative resources, will be tamed down in due time. All it takes is a private conversation between Serzh Sargsian and BHK leader, Gagik Tsarukian, Armenia’s richest businessman, about the fate of Khachatur Suqiasian, another mega-rich oligarch, who lost everything after rendering his ‘bold’ support for HAK before 2008 presidential elections.

HAK, on the other hand, headed by Armenia’s First President Levon Ter-Petrossian, doesn’t seem to have anything to offer the Armenian public. He blasts the authorities, prophesizes about doom, points out the obvious failures… all good and well, but over the past year, I haven’t seen Ter-Petrossian or HAK come up with any alternative policies. Nor have other serious political forces, like Armenian Revolutionary Federation – Dashnaktstutyun or “Zharangutyun” (Heritage), joined them. Frankly, there is no proper opposition today in this country, to speak of.

The growing number of border clashes along the contact line of Armenian and Azerbaijani forces and lack of progress, if not regress in Karabakh talks, increasingly signal the approach of war. It also means there’s no hope for progress on Armenian – Turkish normalization side.

The small, landlocked country may survive and even prosper economically, but in this circle of hostility and political stagnation, with the regime, established since 1998 set to last at least till 2020, what can we expect in terms of the society’s development?

I see more concentration of power and money in the hands of oligarchs, more corruption. The scare of external enemy and racist notions of internal enemy will continue to be exploited, by the authorities to fend off criticism and public discontent with oligarchic rule. All alternative thought will be strangled at birth, along with any hope for equal opportunities for anyone outside the ruling oligarchic circle.

What does the future bring for me and my family? What can I give my boys on their next birthday? Is there any hope for any of the thousands of young Armenian families like mine, working hard and struggling to make it?

I’m a hard worker, my sons will learn that for sure. But when I don’t see how working hard can help me and my family, let alone the country, will I have motivation to wake up the next day and look in the eyes of my boys? Will I have the motivation to go on? …and will they?


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  1. I echo Ani’s comment. Wow, Artur jan, I was moved by the piece: the title itself caught my attention. I agreed with your post overall, but this part particularly struck home for me: “…over the past year, I haven’t seen Ter-Petrossian or HAK come up with any alternative policies” and that there’s no other serious opposition in this country today.

    And if that wasn’t depressing enough, your statement “All alternative thought will be strangled at birth” really had an impact. What can I say? Even as a Diasporan Armenian who’s moved here to live and work, I see the hopelessness and depression and I’m starting to feel it too ;(

    The only thing I can say is that you’re not alone. That there are many other hard-working families and great minds and maybe — just maybe — all of these great minds can come together and do something to change the way things are today in Armenia.

  2. Artur jan, misht yes qo cavt tanem im Hay axpers
    I agree with others, this is one of your best blogs you posted, apres
    I want you to know that I share your pain & heartache for our homeland. however, you must come to realization that politics across the board of any nation is a smoke n’ mirrors, aper it is illusion guaranteed. people have to wake up. you are all sleeping, you are all programmed like in that movie “matrix”. there is NO hope in our Hayastan because people are being manipulated and influenced by the ruling elite. if we want our Hayastan to strive well, we must stand up and take back what is birthrightfully ours. we tried to demonstrate this in 2008, but it was lack of organization and being led by a “false” hope (ltp) that essentially failed us. all those in power are there for one thing: TO MAKE MONEY and OPPRESS THE PEASANTS/SLAVES. they are NOT there to help you in any way, they only need support of the majority to keep themselves in status qoa.

    I wish I can be there, I would help to change my people’s attitude and possibly their way of thinking, but I dont have money, power, influence, or the means to make a dent into society. however, I am here to give you any kind of support: financially/physically/morally ara anything-ally. whatever way I can help my homeland in a positive manner, I am very happy to do so. ara don’t assume you are alone, those of us who genuinely care for all of you there are here to help you. real Armenians help each other, not make protest and show hate & discrimination towards each other

    with the coming of WW3 in 2012-2015, rest assured another phase of war with our external enemies is inevitable. this can not be stopped. war = money, profit, power, agenda, etc etc…they will come out on top as they always have. maybe they go away in 2020, but that’s only because it would make sense for them to retire at an old age. however, rest assured their offsprings (who will be in their 30-40’s by 2020) will take over and keep their lineage in power until their retirement and their offspring take over from there. its an endless circle for such ruling elites

  3. Artur Jan you just touched on a subject that is very worrisome to me. I visit Armenia every year and I have to say, for me that little flicker of light is getting dimmer. I remember watching young adults getting out of universities and all I could think was, is there going to be a job for these kids when they are finished their schooling, or are their dreams going to be shattered because they don’t know that one important person who could secure a possession for them.

    What really is scary is that, the people who will be running our country in a few years, are the same kids who are driving their expensive SUVs in downtown Yerevan, pretending like they own the country. This is the future, how sad.

  4. You people NEED Jesus to come to you hearts, ask Jesus to come to your hearts as your Lord and Savior, ask for deleting of your sins by the BLOOD which He paid for you by His death and shed blood on the cross, forsake religion and organized churches and hierarchies, just you and Jesus’ words in His book and the baptism in His nonreligious Holy Spirit inside you (this is not a sect) rather it is personal relationship with the Savior of the world. Then pray constantly for your worldly leaders, be they political or otherwise. NOW AFTER THIS YOU CAN MAKE ANY CHANGE YOU WANT IN ARMENIA but according to the will of the Holy Spirit inside. By the power of your prayers changes will be made as Jesus and Holy Spirit listen to you and recognize you as true rulers of the country and as true rulers, under Jesus, your requests and prayers will be done and not of those the others.

  5. ..otherwise you will remain LOST SOULS and perish in your sins along with your country..

    • ba es ov e yekel grum e hisus misusi masin
      ara let me tell you that this jesus of yours has never saved my Armenia ever
      we are 1st nation to claim him as lord & savior, no unified nation before us did such a thing. you would think that after doing so, that this jesus would show mercy to Hayastan and save her from all the oppressions, invasions, death & destruction she has endured since then. we have bowed down to your jesus for 1700+ years now, and ara where is he ha??? we even have a song written about it…ureir astvac (where were you god)…and yet your all hail mighty powerful “mr. I am all god of this earrth” jesus does not save us from anything. we Armenians dont mix religion with state, we keep it seperate. pfff…in fact the state has always saved the Armenian church, never in our entire history has the church saved the state. also, our oppressive regime leaders are godless atheists/agnostics who are masonic-zionist controlled. so no matter how much we “pray” for anything, nothing will come of it. our homeland will remain the same, as they say in america: it’s buisness as usual. the power of change LAYS in the hands of the people. if we rise up in large numbers, if we wake up everyone from this matrix we are progrmmed into, then maybe we have a chance to change things for the better, but until then….”it’s business as usual”

      • Vay khiar vay. Nobody is stopping you from going to Hell, so why are you worried?

        But to answer your question, Christ did save Armenia and Armenians.

        Because of Christ we invented our alphabet. that allowed us to survive with an identity among Muslims for many centuries. Otherwise today you would be speaking Turkish.

        I know the Soviet Union brainwashed you with other crazy ideas, but a school child can understand this basic concept.

  6. If you were looking for words of encouragement, the little discussion amongst the commentators above must have only added to the desperation you painted.
    All I can say is don’t give up. You are doing a good job, you have a unique for Armenia balanced approach to the unbalanced world of Armenian politics. It’s important to me and many others around the globe. You inspire people.
    A certain someone writes a new hate-poem on your page every single day. What would he do without you???

    • @Arshak-
      a certain someone ha?? new hate-poem every day ha?
      well it’s more than obvious you totally disregard the middle section of my 1st comment offering my love, sympathy, and help to obverser and my people. yep thats the way of any fake Armenian…hate & discriminate us real Armenians ha! completey disregard our compassion and respect for our homeland. unlike you and the rest who post their “sugar coated” and try to give this: “we all live in a fantasy world” rhetoric, I on the other hand don’t. I post real, unfiltered, unconditional, and from the heart comments. I dont try to misdirect/misguide in my comments & opinions and if you dont like my comments…ara then DONT READ THEM !!! it’s too bad you’re against me Arshak, qani vor yes qez dem chem…IM AXPER JAN !!!

  7. The question is what are we going to do about it?
    We exactly know that what is the problem, and we exactly know that what is the solution.

  8. I you look at Armenian history , you can follow a red line and that red line is saying if you have the chance move from Armenian . I you don’t move you children will when they grow up . History repeats it self , unfortunately , the ruling elite and the Armenians around the world have not understood that THE RULE OF LAW and JOB CREATION is a national security issue combined whit the Armenian Army that has weapons that can cause significant damage and loss of life. Hope is heroin to the people , be a realist don’t hope act and that is to move , save you and you family.

  9. Artur jan –
    dont you dare adhere to Patriks advice, that guy is nutz
    depopulation of our Hayreniq is the key to its oppressive & depressive state. by leaving you are following the typical abandonment of others. please dont move, we outside of Hayastan are here to help you and our homeland. all of you there and who read this comment have to understand…those ruling elite evil f***ers want to depopulate our Hayastan so that they can keep more for themselves. they want you to leave so that its easier for them to control the remaining population. they are desperate to brainwash our people at a young age: go to college, get your degree, then move to america/russia/europe/australia and make your millions and send it back to us. they want you to leave so that they can live it up so well in our homeland, while you have to work or slave long hours for your measly paychecks. please Artur jan cavt tanem, dont move from there, dont be typical stanci. depopulating Hayastan is highest priority for our internal & external enemies’ agenda. the less people there are, the easier it is to control a nation. the less people there are, more of the sweet nectar there is for the ruling elites and their cronies. you have roots in our homeland, you have no idea how luck you are to live there. ppl think: oh Hayastan, dirty, poor, this, that….ara it’s all bulls**t. yes there is poverty (more than 30% of the population) yes there is much economical & social turmoil, but we can change all of that if we unite and remain in our homeland. Hayastan is very beautiful and best country in the world. ba Hay enq menq eli, urish enq, hom zorov chi. dont allow others to influence you do to such things. they say to you: come to western country and live luxury nice life where there is running “clean” water , 24-7 electricity/heat, food readily available 24-7 at your disposal, and best education. what as if there is none of that in Yerevan? YSU and AUA and other educational institutions of Hayastan are the BEST in that region and to me the best of the world. I’ll choose YSU any day over harvard, I’ll choose the running water of Yerevan any day over the cancerous chemical waters of crap-merica. just I need some money to move there ,settle in a decent apt (doesn’t have to be luxury or fancy, parz normal apt.) and running avtomekana and a buisness or job and I’m set. I dont need to live kamoblog show-off gypsy mypsy bad ass wealthy life. parz normal kyanq…utel, xamel, sirel, hargel, yev ayl mi kich kef anel. urish petq ch’ka. urish apush mapush [email protected] arden velord e. this is problem in this world…we all think we need to have so much material things to be happy. I dont need god dam expensive 5000 dollar watch or 75,000 lexus, or go spend 6000 on vegas or european vacation. I can vacation in own homeland: what you all think our Arcax is for? ha? you all think that there was mass settlements there back in the days? it was used for vacationing by our people, who some settled there and became rooted. everything we need & want is in our homeland. those of who are completely outside of it need to MOVE BACK. I have no doubt if we can repopulate our homeland again, we can take it back from the ruling oligarchs, believe me they are only powerful because there is no one standing up to them. ara I dont fear no one, especially my own of all people

  10. Andranik abris for this comment. Arthur my freind we are facing these same problems also outside Armenia .At least in Armenia you are in your own country but for us spyurkhayer we are always outsiders both in Armenia ( as Antranik always says) and in the countries we are living in.

    • @georgik-
      ara I dont know who & what you are about, but I can assure you that I am NOTHING of spyurq what so ever. only those of you who consider yourselves as “spyurq” are the spyurq. I am Hayastanci, my country is Hayastan. even my own people who knows full well I am living outside of my homeland does NOT consider me as “spyurq”, you want to know why? becausse I am them, they are me, we think alike and we both call Hayastan our home, we both speak the same language, we both celebrate the same culture, we both promote our capital Yerevan. unlike you spyurqs who see Hayastan as some distant foreign land. a real Armenian does not say to himself “spyurq”. a real Armenian simply says: Hay em yes, kaj vardanin torn em yes. you want us stancis to consider you as real Hay, then buddy you best better get in the same boat as us, otherwise dont even bother to say to yourself as “Hay”, because ara…we dont !
      and btw: my name is AnDranik with a “D” not a “t”

  11. @ Andranik
    Iam not waiting your certificate of origin to say “Hay em yes” Iam Armenian more than you. My grandparents did not leave their homeland in Greater Armenia because they didn’t like the climate, they left because their parents were butchered by the Turks. They marched to the Syrian desert barefoot because they refused to say other than “Hay enk menk”.
    My friend after 95 years and very far from my homeland we are still speaking Armenian, we are still celebrating our culture. Whenever I take a vacation my 1st destination is always my Armenia, I got married 2 years ago in Echmiatzin surp.Kayane’s church, my baby girls first trip was to Armenia 2 months ago. Whenever I sit alone and want to imagine myself in my favorite place I imagine myself only in Tsakhgatsor , Yerevan, Sevan, and Diligan.
    My friend we (syurqhayer) also have people like you trying to make a division between Armenians but there are always people like me that always try to stop them. Whoever try to speak bad for Hayastanciner Iam always there to tell them that they are better than us, whoever wants to go on vacation I always recommend Hayastan. My friend we are all on the same boat but some of us think that they are on a spaceship far very far away from reality they think that we have a population of 1 billion so they can rank Armenians real and fake and thousands of other divisions. Wake up!

    • Thank you Georgik for everything you just said. I know, that Andranik too, speaks like this, because he cares for Armenia and Armenians.

      All three of us have different ideas, but I don’t think there’s any more sense to go on discussing the divisions and similarities between Armenia. I will not allow further comments on that direction.

      Feel free, however, to comment on the main subject of this discussion, the blog-post above.

  12. Arturo Jan,

    I can tell what went wrong with your motherland and what ordinary 3 million Armenians in Armenia need to do in order to live in happiness and prosperity for your next generation ( including your kids).

    First – Karabakh issue
    Second – ” Genocide” issue

    Some of you may not agree with me or even hate my view but let’s be realistic and pragmatic.

    Imagine if there wasn’t the karabakh issue which started in 1988 and still exists what would Armenia gain from it? Billions of bucks from the transportation of energy resources from the Caspian basin. Instead what innocent ordinary 3 million Armenians gained? Isolation in the region and isolation from all international economic projects that are being implemented in the South Caucasus (oil & gas pipelines, train transportation, IT corridor etc). Again some of you may still argue that Armenians in Nagorny Karabakh were supressed and they were in danger of extinction in 1988 because of Azeris. Due to my business I have been to Azerbaijan many times and I have noticed that azeris are not military oriented and they are much more tolerant than Georgians and Armenians. Moreover, i have seen lots of ethnic minorities in Azerbaijan that are happy and no sign of fear etc.

    My conclusion is that ordinary 3 million armenians have been betrayed, deceived and back stabbed by previous/ current Armenian government who Karabakh Armenians and they came to power using Karabakh issue and also nationalistic Armenian diaspora which they don’t care how ordinary armenians live as long as they realise their dream of creating Greater Armenia which is practically impossible.

    My suggestion is that get rid of those people and give up territorial claims to your neibours (Azerbaijan, Turkey and Georgia) and you will see how Armenia will be a successfully and prosperous country! so it is not too late as we are still in. 2010 or 2011. Just imagine how Armenia will be in 2025 if you don’t give the territorial claims!

    • @elsev
      I cant believe you brought up genocide as an issue as to why Hayastan has internal turmoil. genocide recognition has NOTHING to do with why Armenia has economic/social/financial hardships. genocide is LAST thing on anyones mind in Armenia

      Artsakh is one of key issue of Armenia’s problems, but it is NOT the top of the list. at best it would be 3rd-4th of top 10 problems Armenia.

      and only an enemy of ARMENIA (or allie of turk-azeri) would post a comment such as yours about giving back birthrightful ancient ancestral historical ARMENIAN territories. notice how you are referring to Armenia as “your” motherland and “your” neighbors and you brought up 2025, which azeri leadership keeps inciting as the year they will launch 2nd phase of war on Armenia. also, which so happens to coincide with zionist plans of WW3

  13. Andranik Jan,

    I am neither Armenian nor Azerbaijani but I have observed this region for the last 25 years and due to my interest to the region I have gone through history, economy, politics etc.

    I understand you didn’t like my view and reality which Armenians of Armenia face at the moment. 

    With regards to the ” genocide” issue it is not difficult to understand what lies behind of this. With all my respect to Armenians and understanding that this is a very sensitive issue for all Armenians. The diaspora is trying to push forward the issue worldwide because the consequences could be – land and financial demands from Turkey (Western Armenia). But the diaspora doesn’t understand that neither Turkey, nor Iran and Russia will allow to see another large state in that region. 

    With regards to Karabakh, this is again very sensitive for both Armenians and Azerbaijanis but you must and all Armenians understand neighbours can never be enemies.  UK- France and France v Germany are best examples where historical enemies and historical friends wiring together in all aspects. 

    What I mentioned in my previous message is not the Azerbaijani version, it is current reality which is also viewed and accepted by all Europeans and Americans that are involved in this region.
    To sum up,  my suggestion and advise is that don’t live with the past instead think about present and future for the sake of your children and nation!!!!!

    • Elsev jan,
      First understand that money alone does not build a nation, and if we were to think only in terms of pipelines and dollars, we would have vanished as a nation much earlier.

      Observing 25 years of our region is good, but in order to understand the full picture and development of our people, you have to look back over 5000 years. Look at maps for the last millenia, you will see theat there is not even a full century where national borders remain the same. So what makes you think turkey today will stay as turkey tomorrow? or that Iran will stay the same? or even Azerbeijan?

      We should think in terms of expansion and not shrinking! Artsakh was ours, and forever will remain so. If we have to plan for the future, we should think how to get back Shahumyan and not giving up Artsakh and waste the blood of our martyrs. We should and cannot equate BLOOD with OIL. This is what imperial powers like the US have been doing in the last 100+ years, and even they start now to shrink and are getting blows of scandals on a daily basis!

      Neighbours cannot be enemies, as long as they are civilized like french, germans and swiss! Do you see around you that kind of civilized people? The azeris are indoctrinating their own people with Nazi like attitude, their only talk every day is directed towards Armenian hatred. Azerbeijan is not a democratically elected state, therefore they are distracting their own people by Armenian issues, 3 billion dollars spent on military budget last year! is that a peace loving nation?

      But 3 billion or 10 billion will not make a difference. You know why? Because we have a JUST and NOBLE cause that we are willing to sacrifice for, just as our warriors did in early 1990’s. The same way that 3000 guerilla figthers defetaed the most powerful army in 2006. If a bunch of Lebanes can defeat the best trained army in the region, for our fedayis delivering a blow to Azeris will not be a difficult issue. This time to make you happy, we should also seize the land which East of Tavush and occupy the areas where the oil pipelines pass to goergia. What will the azeris do? they shut down the oil pipes? That will be like self suicide and their economy collapses instantaneousl without the oil revenues. They will beg us to keep the oil flowing. The land is holy Aghber jan, is not to be sold for oild or bananas.

      We are more willing to make peace with all our neighbours, but justice is justice and has to be served. Turkey has to guarantee that they do not follow up Genocide part 2 and either stop arming up Azeris to do the job OR equally supply weapons to Armenia. And the countries have to recognize the integrity and independence of Artsakh (If they TRULY want to make peace, that should be no issue for them)

      Meanwhile, let us go back or stay in Armenia and CREATE opportunities rather than complain about lack of opportunities. Otherwise, the oilgarch wolves will have their share with no resistance.

      With regards to Karabakh, this is again very sensitive for both Armenians and Azerbaijanis but you must and all Armenians understand neighbours can never be enemies. UK- France and France v Germany are best examples where historical enemies and historical friends wiring together in all aspects.

      What I mentioned in my previous message is not the Azerbaijani version, it is current reality which is also viewed and accepted by all Europeans and Americans that are involved in this region.

      To sum up, my suggestion and advise is that don’t live with the past instead think about present and future for the sake of your children and nation!!!!!

  14. Harout Jan,

    Ok, then fight for the lands and hope that one day Armenians will create Greater Armenia. So, if all Armenians think like you (ordinary Europeans thinking on the 17th century) then I don’t see any future in the South Caucasus in the next 3 centuries and it is just matter of time when Russian, Persian or Turkish (Ottoman) will swallow Armenia & Azerbaijan again as they did in the past.

    Don’t forget that 3 billion military expenditure would have been spent for education or other areas if there wasn’t an Armenian occupation of the Azerbaijani territories which were officially recognized by all international

    Good luck with the armenian hatred against Azerbaijanis and Turks.

  15. And one more thing – Europeans, Americans and Russians love money ( where energy resources are) and are not interested in establishing Greater Armenia. Global crisis clearly showed this. so think twice before the diaspora and the current armenian government drag all armenians of Armenia into the self made trap!

    I only want to see Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan to live in peace and prosperity as good neighbours rather to fight between each other because I strongly believe that all three of them are as civilized as French, germans and British.

    • @elsev
      now it is more evident that you are an azeri-turk. only an azeri-turk would post such words and spell Armenian with lower case A
      “Good luck with the armenian hatred against Azerbaijanis and Turks”
      stay away from our blogs, go to your own scummy azeri mazeri georgian meorgian turk murk blogs. we will never give up those lands, you will never take it away from us, we Armenians will bash you azeris back to the stone age as we did in 1994. and stop pretending to be someone else, we know dam well you are azeri-turkoghlu.

      • @Andranik
        I was also having similar doubts, but I thought maybe elsev was an Armenian brother disillusioned by Azeri media propaganda.
        Nevertheless, I will still consider elsev an Armenian and allow me to state the following facts. Even if you are an Azeri it is important that you know this information cause it highlights the nature of our conflict.

        1- even if all the universe recognized Artsakh as Azerbeijani territory, the fact remains, it is Armenian.

        “The Soviet Union created the Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Region within Azerbaijan in 1924, when over 94 percent of the region’s population was ARMENIAN. As the Azerbaijani population grew, the Karabakh Armenians chafed under discriminatory rule, and by 1960 hostilities had begun between the two populations of the region.”—Azerbaijan, A Country Study. ISBN 1-4191-0862-X, US Library of Congress Federal Research Division

        2- Unitl 1990’s when Artsakh was liberated, the Azeris discriminated our Armenian blood brothers and brutally treated them as dummy ducks. till 1980 in Nagorno-Karabakh 85 Armenian villages (30%) have been liquidated…
        This fact PLUS the Armenian Genocide clarifies without any doubt who carries deep rooted hatred towards Armenians. It is not Armenia that hates Turkic people but vice versa.

        3- It is good that Europeans, Americans and Russians love money ( where energy resources are) ….therefore they stay away from us Armenians. Because where they find resources, they go and rape those countries. The same way as they support dictators like Ilham Aliyev and other corrupt monarchies in the gulf arab states. As long as these energy rich states remain undemocratic and intellectually backward and keep pumping money to the West, the West will be VERY happy.

        4- Armenia has survived for millenia, and will continue to do so. Not because the East or West wanted us to survive, but because we have Heroic Will to fight for Truth and Justice. Remember the Battle of Sardarapat, remember Monte Melkonian! Therefore, if you are Azeri, do not worry that we are swallowed, many have tried before you. If you really are Armenian Aghber jan, enter deeper into yourself, and discover your Heroic Armenian Greater Self. You are not asked to resist adn fight, those who are willing to fight anyway are not sitting on computers, but at least do not spread false anti Armenian ideas such as Artsakh belong to Azeris!

  16. I am British.

    Ok. Continue living with your past and drag Armenians of Armenia into more poverty and hatred against neighbours.

  17. elsev jan,
    Remember Socrates when he said “May I consider the wise man rich.”

    The only thing that Armenian lacks is Poverty, since we are endowed with richness of character, culture, music, arts, tradition.

    Star by reading

    KNOW who we are.
    By the way, the British are of Armenian origin.

    Read the Anglo-saxon chronicles, the official history records of England.
    Chapter 1:
    The island Britain is 800 miles long, and 200 miles broad.
    And there are in the island five nations; English, Welsh (or
    British) , Scottish, Pictish, and Latin. The first
    inhabitants were the Britons, who came from ARMENIA, and
    first peopled Britain southward.

    Cheers mate ;)

  18. elsev says, “I am British.”

    True British never spell “recognized” and “civilized ” with the letter z, as elsev has written in the earlier comments: “Azerbaijani territories which were officially recognized …” and “all three of them are as civilized as …”. If (s)he is “British” as claimed, must be a Turkic/Azeri transplant in Britain.

    • @ibelin
      I agree, he/she is definitely a turk-azeri in UK
      there is a significant turk-azeri community there
      and only turk-azeri would post such words as his/hers

  19. elsev, stop fooling these unsuspecting Armenians.

    You may not be Armenian or Azerbaijani, but you forgot one… Turk.

    ever heard of the expression “siktir”?

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