Armenia’s Shockingly Intelligent Thief

Samvel S., 49, was taken to the police on Tuesday, for having stolen from “Bukinist” bookstore the following two book titles: “Diary of a Genius” by Salvador Dali and “Mirovoye Isskustvo” (World Art).

Police are conducting an investigation.
Meanwhile, I was amazed by the thief’s fine taste. Given the current situation with book-reading and education in Armenia, this story was a big surprise. I don’t recall any story of book robbery in the past 10 years or more. And I seldom see anyone in Armenia reading such fine books.
If I were the police, I’d let the guy go and give him money to buy more books of this sort.
PS: There’s an old Armenian proverb – The one who steals books is not a thief. Too bad the police think otherwise.

12 thoughts on “Armenia’s Shockingly Intelligent Thief

  1. thanks for linking to national police website
    it’s a nice website, professionaly done
    nice we can see pics of the criminally corrupt who are heads of it
    btw: I’m not afraid of our police, they can bully others around, but I will stand up to them

  2. Your first paragraph reads like the beginning of a story à la Chekhov or Kafka. I’m eager to read the rest of it! Perhaps Armenia’s “year of the book” should have a contest where everyone writes his/her own version…

      • I was thinking the same. Such books fatch a good price in Vernisazh.
        In any case I dont think calling the police was the right thing. It is better to deal with such cases internally.

        • Dealing with the police should be avoided at any cost. True in any country but especially in dictatorships and authoritarian places like we have in this case.

  3. > If I were the police, I’d let the guy go and give him money to buy more
    > books of this sort.

    I totally agree!!! And by the way I love the proverb “grki goghe gogh chi” … lovely!

  4. By the way my understanding of the proverb is like this: “Someone who’s stolen a book is not a thief”.

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