Armenia’s Shockingly Intelligent Thief

Samvel S., 49, was taken to the police on Tuesday, for having stolen from “Bukinist” bookstore the following two book titles: “Diary of a Genius” by Salvador Dali and “Mirovoye Isskustvo” (World Art).

Police are conducting an investigation.
Meanwhile, I was amazed by the thief’s fine taste. Given the current situation with book-reading and education in Armenia, this story was a big surprise. I don’t recall any story of book robbery in the past 10 years or more. And I seldom see anyone in Armenia reading such fine books.
If I were the police, I’d let the guy go and give him money to buy more books of this sort.
PS: There’s an old Armenian proverb – The one who steals books is not a thief. Too bad the police think otherwise.

12 thoughts on “Armenia’s Shockingly Intelligent Thief

  1. thanks for linking to national police website
    it’s a nice website, professionaly done
    nice we can see pics of the criminally corrupt who are heads of it
    btw: I’m not afraid of our police, they can bully others around, but I will stand up to them

  2. Your first paragraph reads like the beginning of a story à la Chekhov or Kafka. I’m eager to read the rest of it! Perhaps Armenia’s “year of the book” should have a contest where everyone writes his/her own version…

      1. I was thinking the same. Such books fatch a good price in Vernisazh.
        In any case I dont think calling the police was the right thing. It is better to deal with such cases internally.

        1. Dealing with the police should be avoided at any cost. True in any country but especially in dictatorships and authoritarian places like we have in this case.

  3. > If I were the police, I’d let the guy go and give him money to buy more
    > books of this sort.

    I totally agree!!! And by the way I love the proverb “grki goghe gogh chi” … lovely!

  4. By the way my understanding of the proverb is like this: “Someone who’s stolen a book is not a thief”.

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