Four Armenian Soldiers Killed in Karabakh Shooting

Nagorno-Karabakh - Nagorno-Karabakh army in training, archive.

Four Armenian soldiers have been killed, 4 wounded in a fresh shooting incident in Nagorno Karabakh.

A statement issued by the NK Defense Army said the incident occurred late Friday in a unit deployed on the southern part of a ceasefire line around the region.

“As a result of a firearm-related incident on November 19, four soldiers were killed and four were wounded to various degrees,” the statement said, adding that a criminal investigation had been opened into the
incident, indicating it was an internal matter and not related to fighting with Azerbaijani forces along the ceasefire line.

This horrible news comes only a day after another Armenian soldier  was found shot dead at his military base in the northeastern Chambarak district bordering Azerbaijan, thus continuing the array of killings in the Armenian armed forces in non-combat incidents.

This is the 15th such death in my memory. Majority of cases have been caused by hazing and bullying in the Armenian armed forces. Worse yet, it the realization, that those deaths could be and should be avoided, if those in charge, starting with Defense Minister Seyran Ohanian, took all the necessary steps.

These incidents are a serious blow to Ohanian’s repeated assurances that the Armenian military has stepped up its fight against hazing and other abuses within its ranks. True, dozens of officers and soldiers have been arrested or fired in connection with those cases since August, but clearly, it’s not enough.

Armenian military officials claim, that in reality army crime has considerably declined since the late 1990s, and the only reason we are hearing about killings in the army, is that now the Ministry is allowing this information to be published, while formerly it was classified and hidden from public.

Meanwhile, Defense Minister’s repetitive pledges to make the armed forces more transparent to the public don’t seem to be helping our poor soldiers, who are dying when they shouldn’t and their families, who are loosing the dear to their heart.



14 thoughts on “Four Armenian Soldiers Killed in Karabakh Shooting

  1. ara WTF is going on over there???????????????????????
    I am going crazy here, our own killing our own??????
    I am pulling out my hair over this
    this is not a joke, it never was to begin with
    I wish I can find those who are responsible and BEAT THEM WITH IN INCH of THEIR LIVES. as I mentioned numerous times, our external enemies are not a threat to us anymore, it is our INTERNAL enemies we must be cautious of. as it is I have mild depression, now this news depresses me even more. I die for those soilders who are dead now, I cry for them !

    Someone plz hang Seyran, he is a threat to our nation !

    and again the diaspora (fake Armenians) have again turned blind eye to yet another turmoil of Hayastan. it’s ok, its expected of them. when one of theirs is murdered (ahem ahem: dinko the turko) then make a huge uproar, and we stancis must come out to show our support/condemnation and protest with them as we did in Yerevan and else where, but ara when ours is being killed…nah it’s ok, we dont care about any of them savage stancis, che? I wonder how much BIG money the gor gors will be collecting for themselves next week at tele-thon and give a big portion of it to our real enemies: rk/ss/dodi/r.hovannisian/ltp and all their elite cronies. you know its holiday season now, big bonuses must come for those who are very naughty and not the nice

  2. I read more disturbing news on an azeri website stating 20 – 30 but that can’t be true. If this doesn’t get fixed soon we’re screwed. They’re dying in groups of 4 now and it’s disturbing.

  3. I am glad that the MOD publishes these incidents openly. As Observer noted, things like this have been happening in the past and they have usually been swept under the rug or classified as ‘suicide’. Of course, 4 deaths at a time is difficult to classify as ‘suicide’ but with will, I am sure they would have come up with such an explanation.

    Hopefully with this openness, we will see progress towards resolving the issue.

  4. It is not good thing. All of them are young people. Armenian army needs to leave our Qarabagh.

    • Alim,

      Karabakh belongs to the people of Karabakh.

      The incidents happened in the Karabakh Defense Army. Those are the people who live in Karabakh and defend their land. They have nowhere to go, and they won’t.

      It is not a good thing, but those army killings have nothing to do with the Karabakh conflict. This is an internal Army discipline issue. It happens in all the armies of the world.

    • only an azeri would post such words as “needs to leave qarabakh” and spell it with a Q. there is NO qarabakh marabakh, there is only ARTSAKH. the Armenian name given to that region by our ancient Armenian ancestors. and we are not leaving anytime soon or in distant future. in fact, we Armenians are never leaving that region EVER !!!!

      ay lakot himar, what name is alim ha?
      that is not Armenian name, it is azeri/muslim name

  5. Andranik – You f’n bastard. You got some ba–s to call Hrant Dink names. He had more Armenian blood flowing thru his pinky than u don in that bloated pseudo-patriotic brain of yours. Just stop by in Yerevan one day I’ll teach you to respect your betters. As-h–e.

    • @Mkrtich
      ay Mko jan, cavt tanem im axpers. your violent tone reaks of unpatriotism. unlike you I dont fight my own people. I love, respect, and protect you with all my life, I fight & die for you my Hay apero.
      as for dinko the turko, he said and I quote: “Armenia is not my country, turkey is my country, turkey is the greatest country in the world, and the turks are a great & wonderful people. I maybe Armenian by blood, but I am foremost and always will be a turk forever”
      if you dont believe me, look it up or watch Carla Karapetians docu-film: SCREAMERS. in that film dinko is on video praising turks and saying: “turqer@ bari mard en”
      so I think I’m well with in my limits to refer to dinko as a real turko. no real Armenian would dare speak of such words as he did about our external enemies, loving & praising them not only in words, but in physicality. most polsas are exactly as he is. they love turks, they love turkey, they praise their smelly ugly sh*t-stanbul as the greatest city on the earth, just as those bakveci shunner praise baku as greatest city on earth. so, who is the traitor here? me for always loving, respecting, praising and protecting my homeland and people? or those who claim to be Armenian by words, but in reality are hypocrites all the way to the inside of their traitorous bones?
      at least we real Armenians carry our proud Armenian names (both first & sur), unlike “they” who proudly carry turkish names (both first & sur) and say to the world: lan oghlu, we are Ermeni. in 2007, we stancis came out to condemn his death, we made big protests and reported about it for months, but did these fake Armenians come out in 2008 to condemn March 1st? did they come out crying to stop the civil unrest and murders of 20 Yerevancis? tell me…did they? we both know they did NO such thing. in fact, in 2009 they came out crying like the lil bastard traitors that they are and showed their hatred & discrimination towards Hayastan for wanting to open it’s borders and try to establish some sort of normal diplomatic relations with our immediate neighbor regardless of the past. see it doesn’t matter what we do to try to succeed, if we make any attempts to succeed, these fakes will always be there to pull us down from the latter. that is their ulterior agenda. even by turning blind eyes to our internal turmoils, that in its self is an act of betrayal on their part

      I dont see diasporan JEWS betraying their homeland, do they???
      as much as I dislike jews, I always revert to their unity & loyal agenda to their homeland and existence. maybe if we act a lil more like they do, then we can have similar success. however, since we have much traitorism amongst both real & fake Armenians, then I dont believe we can achieve what jews have accomplished in such a short time

  6. When there is something wrong the first thing you try to do is to find the causes and then fix them. I think the cause is the change of the purpose of the Army. Army started serving political purposes from 1998 when defence minister organised a coup. It got worse after 1999 October 27 when Kocharian successfully reshuffled the Army. It became obvious on March 1, 2008 when the Army got directly involved in civilian matters. After that it became a fact when minister of defense was appointed as a president.
    An Army can not serve its true purpose when it is directly involved in civilian matters – politics, business and all things coming from that.

  7. mkrtich calm down Andranik u are a very smart guy and i think me and u are very similar in ways because
    i think there are fake Armenians that dont act Armenian and i think the reason to that is that the soviet union fucked them up
    and Andranik whatever u said up there is right if i new u in real life i would really have that care in u that iam looking for in my people i think there should be more people like u to open peoples eyes to be honest the words u said up there were the words i always try to tell my people

    if u have a facebook add me my name is MoSo Leaderyan

  8. @Mesrob
    thank you for your compliment to agree with me
    however, when I mention FAKE Armenians…I am not refering to the people inside of Armenia. I’m refer to gor gors, spyurrqs, from beirut, haleb, stambul, parska, ameriGa with ‘g’, moskow, and wherever else FAKE Armenians are origining from. to me only Hayastancis, Arcaxci, and Javaxqcis are real Hays. maybe I can account for few FAKE Armenians who became real Armenian, such my hero Monte AVO Melkonyan and few other spyurrqs who came to Hayastan/Arcax to help defend the real homeland, but as a generalization I dont accept “gor gors” as real Armenian. as well as, I dont accept those in Armenia who are destroying her from the inside, such as the mafiya regime: robik, serjik, levon, r.hovhannisian, dodi gago and those who support them physically, ideologically, and financially. to me real Armenian is a HAYaser, not urishi azgaser. to me real Armenian is that of one who is for the preservation of the homeland, the culture, the heritage, and more importantly the valuing of the real Hayutyan identity.
    so the soviet union had nothing to do with GOR GOR FAKE Armenians. gor gors never lived inside of modern day RA or under soviet rule

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