NATO Lisbon Summit Declaration Really Bad News

Heads of State and Government of the member countries of the North Atlantic Alliance, which gathered in Lisbon on 19-20 November, 2010 to chart NATO’s future course, have included a clause in their Lisbon Summit Declaration on the conflicts in South Caucasus, which can be considered a defeat for Armenia’s foreign policy.

The new Strategic Concept, detailed in the declaration, that lays out NATO’s vision for the next decade, literally says the following:

With our vision of a Euro-Atlantic area at peace, the persistence of protracted regional conflicts in South Caucasus and the Republic of Moldova continues to be a matter of great concern for the Alliance. We urge all parties to engage constructively and with reinforced political will in peaceful conflict resolution, and to respect the current negotiation formats. We call on them all to avoid steps that undermine regional security and stability. We remain committed in our support of the territorial integrity, independence and sovereignty of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and the Republic of Moldova, and will also continue to support efforts towards a peaceful settlement of these regional conflicts, taking into account these principles.

In other words, the declaration says it supports “territorial integrity” of Azerbaijan and “peaceful settlement” of Karabakh conflict. No word on self-determination of Karabakh’s Armenian community which has been the main principle Armenian side has so far relied on.

As to the “existing formats” mentioned in the Lisbon Declaration, the main format of Karabakh Conflict’s resolution is the OSCE Minsk group which has 3 main mediators now: Russia, U.S.A. and France. The Minsk group has always backed 3 principles: self-determination, territorial integrity and self-determination in earlier statements. However, U.S.A. and France have signed under NATO’s latest declaration, so that either means contradiction or a change of policy.

At any rate, this declaration is certainly the worst news for Karabakh Armenians over the past several years. No wonder Armenia’s President Serzh Sargsian turned down the invitation to take part in a Lisbon meeting held in the sidelines of the  NATO summit. Putting up the angry face and acting offended won’t help Sargsian’s administration, however. The opposition have already come up with critical statements, and I expect discussions on diplomatic defeat in Lisbon to continue till the end of the year.


16 thoughts on “NATO Lisbon Summit Declaration Really Bad News

  1. We are allowing otars to decide the future of our homeland???
    Let them try to convince our mafia gov’t to give back Arcax and you’ll see an uprising/revolt like you’ve never seen before
    I’ll be 1st in line with arms in hand ready to defend my Hayreniq

  2. I would say let’s compare Lisbon 1 with Lisbon 2 in detail and make a conclusion that what happened. I hope one of the political analysts will make an impartial comparison.

    Another comparison is Lisbon 1, Istanbul and Lisbon 2.
    Lisob 1- Levon TP vetod the concept of teritorial integrity.
    Istanbul – Kocharian signed under teritorial integrity concept.
    lisbon 2 – Serj Sargsian, stayed at home.
    I guess good comparison between these three people’s diplomatic capabilities and the political situation in Armenia.
    From out of three Serj is the weakest both at home and abroad.

  3. Damn the whole NATO alliance. It’s outdated, and suspect as to its ultimate purposes. And even if they manage to reconcile their Lisbon Statement with OSCE Minsk Group’s principles/protocols, how can they endorse old Soviet borders — especially ones that changed not as a result of World War II but because of Josef Stalin’s and Bolshevik folly? How can any nation support such insane borders as exist between Armenia and Azerbaijan according to maps and de jure “laws”?

  4. In 1999 NATO recognized Yugoslavia’s territorial integrity, including Kosovo.
    Then, they themselves violated it.
    Politics, my friend.

    • @Arshakuni
      hey everyone, Arsho deleted his blog all because I posted my comments on it. what’s next aper? if I move to London you will move out?
      ay txa LMFAO

    • Of course it is politics, but you make that politics, not run away from it. Politics require flexibility (diplomacy) but it also requires courage and determination at crucial points.
      If you dont defend yourself nobody will.
      Just remembered Khrushchov when he took his show out. Also reminded me the 1968 olympics salute. Both made their clear point that had impact on people and history.
      The problem is that Serj Sargsian has no high, global values. The same applies to Kocharian. That’s the problem.
      Levon TP has his own faults but he has global values.

      • Sure, the Armenian mafia arrests were all organized by NATO, so that Serj doesn’t attend the Summit.

        And Armenia recognizing Artsakh is the same as Russia or Turkey recognizing their cronies. We have exactly the same sort of leverage on the international scene as them.

        And how exactly do you imagine Armenian resistance to NATO, if you do not mind sharing your ideas with the rest of your compatriots, of course?

        • It is not about resisting NATO. It is about bringing well known principles forward and drawing a clear line between them. There are two principles: self-determination and territorial integrity/sovereignty. Armenia as a sovereign state can not fully advocate the principle of self determination. Simply because the recognition of Republic of Armenia is based on the principle of sovereignty.
          However Artsakh can and Armenia can support it. Since 1998 Armenia took the wrong path by forcing Artsakh out of the process. You are right this made Artsakh a papet of Armenia.
          It is not all late yet.
          The first step for a successful program is to enable democracy in Armenia. Once you have a free society you stand better chance in developing ideas internally and having the flexibility in your negotiations.
          If Serj was truly elected he could act more freely and the things wouldnt have come to this stage. However because he is playing the Russian fiddle he was told not to go.
          So the first thing Serj can do is resign and act as a guarantor for freer elections.
          Armenia can not afford a popular revolution because the army will get involved which might lead to a civil war and a war with Azerbaijan. What Georgia and Azerbaijan experienced in the begining of 90s with well known results.

  5. NATO decision is no surprise. It is the expected outcome from USA-controlled NATO. In retaliation, Armenia should immediately recognize independence of Nagorno-Karabakh as a country and by its original Armenian name, just as Russia recognized South Ossetia and Abkhazia and Turkey recognized North Cyprus.

    Watching the geopolitics and events occurring in the world, it is easy to understand and often to predict decisions made by the powerful against or for other countries and people. Armenians are being used as geopolitical football.

    In this NATO summit, Turkey agreed to allow US “Missile Defense System” inside Turkey – they call it “Missile Defense System” but in reality it is missile offense system with first strike nuclear capability. Both NATO and USA have had military bases and nuclear weapons in Turkey for decades. Now, they will add this Missile Offense System in Turkey with Turkey’s blessings – and Turkey expects big rewards. In addition, Russia agreed to cooperate with NATO on the missile system and security matters, and to a joint study on having Russia join the missile system.

    USA and NATO military planes use Azerbaijan military airfields to transit supplies to their warring forces in Afghanistan. NATO is modernizing Azerbaijan airport and two military bases to meet NATO standards. Also, in June 2010, a few days after US Defense Secretary Robert Gates paid a visit to Baku saying, “It’s important to touch base and let them know they do play an important role”, Azerbaijan Parliament voted for a new military doctrine that would allow “the temporary accommodation of foreign military bases” in Azerbaijan. The Nabucco pipeline and the Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline which pass near Nagorno-Karabakh are of great interest to USA, EU, Turkey and Azerbaijan.

    One also wonders why all of a sudden there has been much publicity lately of an old case about the ethnicity of some alleged criminals being Armenians, just before this NATO summit.

    The decision reached by NATO regarding Nagorno-Karabakh is reward to Turkey and Azerbaijan for pleasing USA-NATO and for delivering goods to them.

    The old saying goes, “might makes it right”. Resistance is the only option.

  6. I replied to the wrong comment Payqar.
    I meant to reply to Ibelin.

    I agree with you on the democracy argument.

    As of the Artsakh issue in general, I have my own idea of the solution, which ic unfortunately quite long. I will put it into a post one day, when I have more time. It might be our official position anyway, I do not know, at the end of the day all the negotiations are secret. But I believe there is a way out, a diplomatic one, even with a non-democratic, but articulate government in Yerevan.

    P.S. My blog has been deleted by me (again), as I am crippling under the weight of work and studying that I have to do. And doing something you either do it well, or you don’t it at all.

    • @Arshakuni
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