Law Signed by President to Discourage Population Growth

President Serzh Sargsyan signed into law on Wednesday amendments to social legislation, which cuts the amount of maternity benefits for working mothers, causing public discontent and protests at the Presidential office.

Specifically, according to the amendments, maternity benefits will be paid only for working days rather than for all the 140 days of maternity leave as before and will be limited to 162,500 AMD (5 times the minimal salary), which is significantly lower than what some of the highly qualified women-professionals are getting these days.  Which basically means, that if they choose to have babies, their paychecks will be cut.

The amended laws can only be characterized as anti-Armenian, anti-national interests, because it’s discouraging the middle-class working mothers to have babies, who would be getting the good genomes of smart mothers along with good education and become the driving force for our future.

One would think, that Armenia, with a population growth rate of 0.016%, would think hard before doing anything that could damage population growth. This is especially relevant, given the fact, that Armenia’s is surrounded with hostile Azerbaijan (0.81% population growth rate) and Turkey (1.27%), and we’re the smallest nation around here anyway.

The government’s explanation for amending the existing law is, that it might be abused, somebody might hire their pregnant relative 2 months before she’s set to deliver and than send her to maternity leave on a monthly salary of 2 million AMD, which is deducted from the company’s taxes. It is also supposed to help cut budget spendings.

I refuse to accept either of these explanations however. The law might be abused? We’re paying salaries to tax inspectors, police and the whole goddamn Finance ministry to make sure laws are properly implemented.

Trying to cut spending? Well, how about getting rid of some of the pointless ministries, like Finance Ministry (which clearly isn’t up to the task), along with the “Ministry” of Diaspora and Ministry of Environmental “Protection”? (One is not a ministry at all, the other is clearly not protecting anything).

PS: Great job all the pregnant working mothers for getting out there and protesting! I admire your courage. And just a note for the future – this was once again a protest action initiated and coordinated on Facebook.


3 thoughts on “Law Signed by President to Discourage Population Growth

  1. Как-то зябко мыслят наши законодатели. Я предлагаю две инициативы:
    1. Налог на бездетность.
    2. Налог на каждого ребенка.
    Стопудово будет что разворовывать из бюджета.

  2. this is very disturbing and depressing, makes me very angry
    now this mafia regime is targeting our females/mothers
    I’ve told many of you (who actually read my comments) depopulation is the key to ruling a small country such as our Hayastan, that if they want to continue to rule us, keep a stranglehold on us, they must depopulate the country for the ruling elite to stay atop their golden pyramid. they realize that the middle class are continuing to repopulate the country (even if by small %) that this will disturb their plans of keeping the country in an oppressive state of mind. I’ve posted it many times in this blog and others’, that if we repopulate the country, they (the ruling elite: both high & medium levels) wont stand a chance to keep their hierarchy on us. they know that by implimenting such a farce law that they use it to control population rate. imagine if 1-2 million “real” Hays all moved back to Hayastan and started giving birth once a year…not only can we take back our homeland from these mafia oligarchs & ruling elites, but we can put them out of buisness and reform our homeland for a new brighter future. peaceful relovt is what is needed here, not violence, but a definite strong dose of revolution. if they get violent on us, we can simply defense and attack back, but we can not do it in small numbers. at least 40-50% of the population across the board has to be invovled. the only thing that makes any mafia regime powerful is not so much their wealth & influence, but their physical standing armies. if the police & army was to defect and take sides of the ppl, then we can force out all of the rk/ss/dodis/ltp’s and their cronies. we can make them OUR slaves, instead of us being theirs

  3. Armenia, you are getting it all wrong.
    In order to discourage population growth you need to give Armenian women their reproductive rights! Legalize plan b, abortion, and birth control!

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