Yerevan’s Municipality Is Washing And Painting Central Streets

For about two months now Yerevan’s Municipality have started a major project on cleaning and painting the buildings along city’s central streets.

The best part is, they’re washing the buildings made of pink tuff, the volcanic ash-made rock which Yerevan is renown for, and you can finally see why it was called the Pink City.

Overall, it’s great and cheerful. And the washing process itself is fun to watch, even if its somewhat loud.

Armenia -- Road signs in Yerevan with street names displayed in English and Armenian, Yerevan, November 2010

On another positive note, new road-signs have been put up recently in the center of Yerevan, displaying street names in Armenian and English, which are very helpful for tourists, as well as guests of the capital from Armenia’s provinces. I remember, for example, how hard it was for me to find my way around Yerevan back in the 90’s. I constantly had to stop and ask passers by for directions.


2 thoughts on “Yerevan’s Municipality Is Washing And Painting Central Streets

  1. great post Artur jan, apres ! its nice to read such positive posts as this
    also, I’m happy to see that the road signs are in Hayeren & english
    rather than Hayeren & russian as many building and street signs still hold remnants of soviet days.
    I envy you, I wish I can be there to watch them wash too
    all of you there have no idea how lucky you are to live in our beautiful wonderful Yerevan, more over our Hayastan. yes she has many flaws, but so much more beauty quality & potential than most others.
    you have no idea how it is to wake up every day to god dam ugly cookie cutter america. where everything is ugly, commericalized, and the same all over. no beauty, unless you go outside of cities towards large national parks. although I wont complain about California, here it is the best vs. rest of ugly america

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