Yerevan’s Mayor Resigns

Mayor Gagik Beglarian with his wife

Yerevan’s Mayor Gagik Beglarian has resigned amid rumors that he has severely beaten up a staff member from Presidential administration.

The rumors are, that the Mayor has beaten up Armen Kandaian, an official responsible for Protocol and Ceremonial Services within the Presidential administration, because the latter had asked Beglarian’s wife to change her seat during a world-famous opera star Plácido Domingo’s December 3 concert in Yerevan’s Karen Demirchyan Sport and Concert Complex.

While refusing to comment, whether Mayor’s resignation was related to the above-mentioned incident, President Serzh Sargsian’s spokesman Armen Arzumanian has confirmed, that an incident took place.

“Yes, sadly, such an incident did happen. But the media have exaggerated it,” Arzumanian said, adding, that no “severe” beating or “taking Kandaian hostage” happened. President’s spokesperson added, that “such behaviour is unacceptable.”


10 thoughts on “Yerevan’s Mayor Resigns

  1. ara lav, good riddens to him. he is another rk/ss crony
    the rumors makes perfect sense, because before he took office his son was having an issue at school with another classmate and he sent his bodyguard to deal with it. rumors that the bg beat that boy who was giving gagik’s son a hard time or that it was gago’s son giving the hard time. either way, good riddens to this evil crony. though I’m sure he will be easily replaced by someone of his & serjik the perjiks choosing. someone as evil, corrupt, greedy, and ruthless as they are. thats only way you can be in the elite political group and help the ruling elite class

    • I bet if he had beaten one of the oppositionists or a commoner, serjik the perjik would not be so “infuriated” and demand anything of him, other than: more please !

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